Question about boot camp
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    Question about boot camp

    I'm sure some of you Marines have already answered questions like this, but I wasn't sure.. I'm about 5'11" 146lbs. Will I gain some weight in boot or does it just depend? Thanks.

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    It really depends. I went to bootcamp at 20 and 124lbs maybe gained 2lbs.

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    Those who are underweight will gain weight, those who are overweight will loose weight, and those in-between will probably loose weight.

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    That is hard to say everyone is different, I went in at 170 lbs and came out with the same weight, just tighter,lol.

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    Thanks for the feedback... I hope I can get to about 170 by the end of the 13 weeks, because I don't really have a great diet as of right now.

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    3 square meals of good nutricious a day and 8 hours sleep a night. Pretty drammatic life style change for me and I gained 10 lbs and grew an inch taller in boot camp.

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