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    Did Bones show up yet with the 46's or 53's??????

    If not, here's yer 'Slicks' (Hueys).

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    Originally posted by CplSoria
    I figured you'ld need an armorer. Ready to go.

    0351 up and ready, locked and loaded. ready for mount out

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    Linus 3/5 Assaultman/T.R.A.P.
    Always ready to "GET SOME"

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    mine is not to reason why
    mine is to do or die

    only one thing.....
    gotta be packing my M14

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    From Parris IsLand to Hell and Beyond, If there is a fight, a conflict or just a plain Ass Whoppin thats need acccomplished. call on Me. I am a Girene a Jar Head a Basic Combat Rifleman, I am a MARINE. I need only 3 thing to survive. God, Guts and My Rifle. anything else is an extra plus. Semper-Fi do or Die, Marine Corps.

    3rd Marine Air Wing

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    If it Bleed i can kill it! 0311,0331,8541
    M16 /M60 MG / M40A1

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    may we always remember "There is no such thing as an X-marine I'am in

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    thought ya might like some air support---cobra's here

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    Right here!!!!

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    Supply's in formation. What's eveyone need?

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    Registered User Free Member hack4398's Avatar
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    Jan 2003


    I am there.

    Just remember to keep your head down and your ears open.

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    Supercharged radio grunt with 65 inches of twisted steel and sex appeal ready to walk a 1000 miles to smoke a camel! Been there before and done that too, ready to do it again!

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    Semper Fi do or die...

    PFC Duff present

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    Marine Free Member Sgt0811's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    Mauricetown, Cumberland County, NJ

    Thumbs up

    If fire support is needed I'm here.

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