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    Recon complete, small grp small arms only ,

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    roll call

    Matrix reporting as ordered (SIR) locked and loaded and ready to go (Get some)

    Semper fi

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    present and accounted for.

    Get out the way here I come

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    Heavy Machine Gunner Ready to Rock and Roll

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    Engineer, double crimped, dual primed, armed to the teeth, present and accounted for. Ready to pull smoke on your count.

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    The A-6's are up and ready for a little close air support.

    Ooh Rah

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    I stay with my bags packed and pistols loaded

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    Guest Free Member
    Oooh-rahh! Welcome aboard Marines!

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    Semper Fi

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    Guest Free Member
    Always ready, Always have been and Always will be. Ten Four Over and Out.
    Semper Fi,

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    There is not a day that goes by where I don't remember the corps, or take the values and principles I learned with me in what ever I do. I am DAMN proud to be a Marine, and to have served.


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    Thumbs up Atteeeeeeeeeen-Shun!!!

    The Troops have mustered and are ready to kick some ass!

    Not as lean, not as mean.... screw that crap, OOH-RAH! Move out!

    Sgt MoDog

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    Mar 2005

    lets go

    lets kick ass and take a few names

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    Hell yeah

    Semper fi.What do you need Grim?

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    Where the hell did I place my 60 cal???

    Semper Fi

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