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    On deck and ready!!

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    Marines Idea Needed

    I am looking at starting this, www.OldWarHorses.us I am working on it now, tell me what you think and where to post it if you agree with the concept. Basically in shoort, short, retired marines , retire to Costa Rica to a small town that needs minimal protection. Starting a sanctioned security force. More of a secret police than a miltary force. A chance to really make a difference, enjoy a beautiful country, and enjoy life and watch out for the peole. Pay would not be much, but planning on free housing and food and small maybe $400 a month, not bad for there though. Ideas apprecited from any marine. I am looking for maybe a major or captain to head it up also.

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    Sorry mam but that is doggie talk. In the Corps it's OOH_RAH, but SEMPER FI

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    The concept, GG, has been tried before. "The Magnificent Seven".

    I weep for what this country is becoming, and fear for my children and grandchildren's future if any more democrats gain national office. We lose more and more freedoms every single day to creeping nannystatism and those who vote for Democrats only want to increase that. Anyone voting for a 'dem' is someone who likely wants to take everything YOU have worked for and mortgage your kids future as well.
    The Malignant Leprechaun

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    Kooking for Mike Kelly, last known rank Cpl.

    Looking for Cpl. Mike Kelly, former Headquarters, 4th Marine Division, New Orleans, LA 70146 last seen 1980 face down in Jack Dempsy's Bar across the street with Finnegan, Harrelson, Bill Bush, Roger Risner, Neil Sogren.

    I'm still alive, *****, are you? Remember the sword and ax fights?

    Robert S. Finnegan
    Jakarta, Indonesia

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    Thanks for clearing that up. When did the doggies come up with that one, anyways? It's a cheap copy, just like them.

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    Here Sir;
    I'm hump'en the 60 with six bandoleers

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    Here! With the gear!

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    Looking for anyone who knew Marine Air Observers (Black Coat), or Dream Hour and Cat Killer Pilots who flew the Air Observers from July of 66 through Jan 68

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    thirty five years ago today I earned the the title MARINE and would do it again

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    What are we doing?

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    Would like to hear from any Marine who served in the 1st CSG form 1954 to 1957 area 14 or 22 (motor pool or Range coach. ne444409@gmail.com

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    Got the reconnianisance covered

    How large a team do you want ?

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    Not as lean, almost as mean, but still a Marine. On deck and ready.

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    SADDLE UP YOU 03's

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