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    doc thats agood thing always use good man iam 59had my back done last yr.iwill go .

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    That's right-Freedom is Everything Let's Go-Where's my C-Rat-Opener?-Where's my-New Corpsman Bag?-I need some good Weapons-when I'm not patching up somebody.Get you CHE-up-and CUT-THOSE -ORDERS.

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    Hey Bulldog8534-How's your Back-now?-I still get some back pain if I have to lift something-heavier than 45 pounds-so I'll travel a little lighter-Glad Your Here.........

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    dr iam upright and walking and pain o ya but good good to go able to work and 45 poundif lift is about all i can lift too glad to be here.

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    You'll be needing a rad op, 2531. Where's the authentication book?

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    Looking for felow Marines from either Plt. 2001 Parris Island garaduated Dec 11, 1972, or Mux Plt. Comm Co HqBN 2nd MarDic CLNC

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    Quote Originally Posted by muxman View Post
    You'll be needing a rad op, 2531. Where's the authentication book?
    ............................Yep A Radio-Operator -Radio man is most important.I believe that the new radio's no-longer have those long veniation-single blind-blade antenia any more.The new ones are short-and lightining-has less of a chance of getting the antenia-I was waiting for some one else to reply to you.I hope there is atleast-3 &1/2 to 4&1/2-months training-One Puff or Spooky could have wiped out the Entire Roman Army......Everything is 5by5-roger out.

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    Hey, Doc.
    For the most part I operated a M135, Jeep mounted , it was mounted over the rear right tire. Once in a great while I got to humpa PRC 25 with a KY38. No fun there. Ran into a WM back in the mid-80's, she was Comm. When I told her I operated mux gear, she called me a dinosaur. Apparently, by that time, mux was a museum piece.

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    From the Bronx? Binghamton born and bred. Placer sucks, too. One reason why I'm in sunny Florida.

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    My name is Xavier Thompson, I’m a 30 year old male searching for my biological Father. I was told his name is Derrick Melbourne a Marines service man back in the 80’s. I was also told he has family back in Miami Florida. I have been searching for years to reach out to Mr. Derrick but have been unsuccessful. All I know is that he should be around 50 to 55 years of age. He was from the Cayman Islands and he was stationed in Okinawa Japan in the 1980’s. If you have a relative and know of him please send me an email at zaymiami305@yahoo.com or I can be reached at 305-370-9417.please pass to fellow marine Thanks in advance,>>
    Sgt. Xavier Thompson

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    Would like to hear from any MARINES graduated with Plt.328 P. I. August 1965 and especially any who served with G-2/4 3rdMarDiv in RVN from July 1966-August 1967.

    Roger D. Stewart

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    Looking for a lost friend

    I am looking for a friend from Platoon 2052 P.I. 2003. "Phipps"

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    awesome... go to it sir!

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    When it absolutely has to be destroyed overnight you call the United States Marines!
    Oooh Rah!!

    0351 on board & locked and loaded........

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    Thumbs up Another cook reporting

    Quote Originally Posted by devildog21345 View Post
    If all you guys are going count me in you will need a good cook3371
    Hey devildog21345........will be glad to stand right with you at the grills, steam jacketed kettles, field burners, etc., as a fellow 3371 (1962-65) They kill it, we'll cook it !!

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