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    OOPS !!!

    My aging mind isn't keeping up - I said over 50 years ago - actually, it was over 60 years ago !!!!

    Our Assistant Battalion Surgeon in 1950 -

    Now, with friends at happy hour -

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    This image, by Don McCullin, is of a US Marine prior to or during the battle for Hue, 1968; of course I don't have to tell you that, you all know. It has been used on the front cover of a book, The Scars of War, by Hugh McManners.

    The image was also used by the Wikileaks creator Julian Assange during a recent press conference. A UK journalist has posed the question - who is he? Is he still alive? The inference is that the correlation between the courage of the US Marine, and Assange is unbalanced.

    I would appreciate your help.

    Aye, Rob.

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    "Lima-Charlie".....Anytime, Anyplace!!

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    I have discovered that McCullin was embedded with Delta Company 1/5th US Marines at Hue. Anybody recognise the Marine in the image? The photograph is simply annotated, "Shell shocked soldier, Hue 1968."

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    Hope we're returning to RVN without government intervention this time!
    When the going gets tough; the tough get going.....G-2/4 3rdMarDiv.........MOVE OUT!!!

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    Hope yall are talking of a rturn to RVN this time without government intervention, When the going gets tough, the tough get going.....G-2/4 3rdMarDiv. ....MOVE OUT!


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    2nd Bn Plt 233 PI 1964

    Anyone in that platoon. SDI SGt Navarro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CplSoria View Post
    I figured you'ld need an armorer. Ready to go.
    Now you have 2. IYAOYAS and SEMPER FI

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    Present! Ready to go the whole nine yards plus ten more! Ooh Rah! Semper Fi.

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    Welcome Aboard Denton!

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    weicome pull up a footlocker pop coid one dontonz!!!

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    I cant find my sea bag . last time i seen it was 1955 . hell gimme a rifle lets go

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    Hey need a Corpsman?-I'm a little beat up-but I can still move fast.Where We-Go'in?. I need a little Adventure-I'm old- 63- but this Body Still Works.The herniated discs I had have healed after 13 years. Let's Go-Let's DO IT-Let's Roll.I think we-should-do Russia.Putin is in charge-He got a blackbelt in Jujitsu.Candy is dandy-but a Bullet is Quicker-This guy is still KGB-NO#1-He's a Commie-and he Wants Us Dead-Never Forget That.................Semper Fi

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