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    i would go to war with my m14

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    platoon 241/year 1972

    looking for my platoon 241pic of1972/
    please if you know anyone that was there at P.I help me ,or if you got a exter book of platoon 241 will but it because i lost my in a house fire,my phone nub is 2166517538

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    Former "grunt" with 2/1, 1/5, and DI San Diego, reporting for duty!

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    Looking for DI's serving at MCRD from 1985-1988, especially "A" Company. Would also like to hear from recruits who graduated from Platoon's 1058, 1059, 1060 from this time and how y'all are doing. I was the "Hammer" from 1985 to 1987 and Senior DI from 1987-1988. The best job I have ever been a part of. Loved the Marine Corps, still do, my son just finished his 5 year tour of the Corps, very proud of his service and part his units played in Iraq and Afghanistan. Semper Fi to all Devil
    Dogs out there and God Bless

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    Thats Me For Sure, I can not believe its almost 50 years since I entered Boot Camp seems like yesterday. Once a Marine always a Marine You just wear a different uniform and have a different job and remain loyal to God , County, and the Marine Corps. and your brothers & sisters. Semper FI Oorah

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    Present and accounted for.Old Tractor Rat reporting for duty who needs a ride

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    Still willing to fight!

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    Cpl Quinn

    From the yellow foot prints "Semper FI" and still today !

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    Are there any marines out there that served with 2/1, "F" Co from 1978-1983, 1/5, "C" Co from 1984-1985 or 1st RTBn, MCRD, San Diego from 1985-1988 "A" Co?

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    Hi Everyone, I am looking for help on who to notify that someone is falsly using a US Marines name. i was approached on a dating site by someone claiming to be a US Marine on deployment his name EVGUENIY G. TODOROV. Born in Bulgaria - came to US in 1991??? Anyhow, I knew the guy was a fake - but the MArine is not. I googled him and he was active as of 2008 his rank then was MSGT, his unit 1ST INTEL BN, I MHG, I MEF (FWD). I do not knwowho to contact to help this marine, any help will do please. I tracked the IP address and it originated in Ghana and then the rest of the emails were tracked to Summerside CA.

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    Not as mean, not as lean but still a Marine. C CO. 1st tank bn. 1st marine div. camp pendelton. 87'-91' Anyone out there?

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    MCRD San Diego
    June - Aug 1957, Plt 167
    Gunny Pierce, senior DI
    Sgt. Warnack

    0331, 1957-1958,2nd Bn.5thReg.1stDiv.Pendleton, Col.Donald Schmuck, CO

    Anybody remember th 110 mile forced march, 1958...entire 5thRegiment? The tune-up was 37 miles in one day.

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    69,old,almost bald, can still shoot, point the way !!!

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    I'm reading all your posts and all of you just make me smile. There is no finer attitude than the one displayed by each of you. I wish I had known more about the Marine Corps growing up. I just love every one of you and THRIVE on knowing you'd kick a** in the blink of an eye. Thank you all for everything.

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    Looking for 2 guys from Charlie Company 1st Btn. 4th Marine Regiment 3rd Mar Div. 1968-1970. Both served in the 60 mm mortar squad. Cpl Ronald Rose and Lawrence "Lulu" Lucero. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please contact: Renny Cochran
    Mailing address:
    City, State, Zip: Orlando,Fla. 32839
    Or send email to Renny Cochran using this automatic email form.

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