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    This is what we do 24/7 I am ready lets roll Brothers and Sisters.I have my Amtrac double parked

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    No but pretty close 2nd Bn Plt 262 1964 SDI SSGT Ferrari.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nam64 View Post
    Anyone in that platoon. SDI SGt Navarro.
    2nd Bn Plt 262 PI 1964

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    Graduation Book/ Photo

    Quote Originally Posted by jamal69 View Post
    My name is Jamal and I am needing help from fellow marines on seeing if anyone is here or know anyone that graduated from Platoon 3343 in Feb 1969 in San Diego, CA.

    I need a graduation book. I am trying to get a picture of my father in Law picture Alvin Smith Jr- for my wife.

    I tried evrey avenue and I have come empty.
    jamal69;862283] I am Cpl.M.C Hamann regarding your request have you contacted MCRD Museum Historical Society at ( Platoon Photo P.O. Box400085, Bldg,26 Marine Corp. Recruit Depot, San Diego,Calif. 92140) Web www.MCRD Museum historical society.org./index.htm. Good luck on your hunt. Also there are a few web sites that sell Grad. Books from MCRD, just google marine corp grad book from feb 1969 platoon 3334.

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    I am searching for Master Chief James E Walker who served with I MEF in Iraq in 2007as Command Master Chief.
    He is African American and would be 50 years old or thereabouts.
    We lost touch and I have exhausted all other avenues.
    If you knew him , have any info that could lead me in the right direction,it would be much appreciated.
    Thank you all :-)

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    Present & accounted for!!!! Oorah!!!!

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    this is all going to sound crazy but we are currently searching for my husbands birth father my husband is now 30 and his mother just now told him this mans name (sorta) she said his name is kevin and she only remembers four letters of his last name Rein so we think it maybe reinauer or something along those lines we know they would of been stationed in guam around 81 due to the fat my husband was born in 82 his mother was in the navy and this man was in the marines they were both stationed there at the same time finding this man is important to us we dont even believe he knows my husband exist i am lost on what to do to find him a lady at work told me to try this so here i am i hope and pray that someone here can help us.
    thank you

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    Even though I was in the Air Wing. I was in a Light Anti Aircraft Missile Bn. We were FMF. We were called the grunts of the Air Wing. We were the only Marines at Cherry Point N.C that could blouse our boots. I servered in Viet Nam 13 months. Even at 64 give me a M 14 ( not those M 16s ) and I will defend our Freedom anywhere any time.

    marine77777@ comcast.net

    Southern New Jersery.
    Does any know about the get together in Philly Labor day weekend?

    Matt Wojciechowski

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    SEMPER FI Matt, I have never been to Cherry Point (just about everywhere else though). My Mother (another Sgt.) was a Drill Instructor for WM's at Cherry Point in 1943. My Brother followed in my Fathers footsteps for Squid-Canoe's. Although I have a great deal of respect for my Father being in the U.S. Navy during WWII, he was attached to British Commandos attacking German fuel and ammo depots from Submarines. Being a 1st generation German/American he spoke fluent German and wore a German uniform on guard duty while his British commrades set explosive charges. Sorry Mat, didn't mean to get carried away. I was a Weapons Platoon Sergeant with Fox Co. 2/7 1st. Mar. Div. and I kick myself in the ass every day for not staying in for 30 or 40 years. I am however extremely Proud of having been a member of such a great Brotherhood occupied by fellow Marines such as you. Semper Fi Matt.

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    Present and ready for action!

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    0311 from Fox 2/9 3rd Mar Div. Eyes and trigger finger still work well so count me in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ttomes View Post
    0311 from Fox 2/9 3rd Mar Div. Eyes and trigger finger still work well so count me in.
    I spent 8 weeks in P'ohang with 1/9 back in '77 and got down with some grunts with 3/9, but plumb missed out with 2nd bn. Semper-Fi!

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    Marine Free Member
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    Aug 2012
    haltom city texas
    Msgt spacek is still a dallas cowboy fan. 1970-1991 semper fi marines

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    aye sir. Got my 106rr on the mechanical mule and standing by

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    once you are a marine you are always one for life

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