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    i'm here

    Bad back, bad heart and weak shoulder. Not as lean nat as mean. Lock and load rock and roll, Where we goin?

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    did you know Marine Brian Clark in Vietnam?

    I'm looking for Marines who may have served with my brother, Brian, in Vietnam in 1966. He was killed in October, 1966.

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    I am STILL bleeding SCARLET and GOLD!!!!!!!!!!! Just hand me my rifle(Kimberly was her name) and point me in the direction I need to head!!!!!


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    I was there in 67 68 sorry I cannot help you but of you look around and find some earlier ones you might find one. I'll pray that you find someone.


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    Gotten old and fat, brain starting to fade too but trigger finger still works & I still know how to walk.
    I'm honored and prowd to be a one of that great fraternal organization called Marines !
    For pride, honor and country, SEMPER FI

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    All Weapons Check ! Semp Fi........happy Birthday Jarheads !!

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    Not To Old

    Give Us A Rifle And A 105 And We Will Take Care Of The Rest

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    my oath did not have a expiration date, still a marine since jul 61

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    Looking for my MARINES BROTHERS that went through ( ITR )
    Infantry Training Regiment in 1970 at CAMP PENDELTON , CA . OSCAR COMPANY ..................... SEMPER FI

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    I went through in 1970, but was in Bravo Company.

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    Who the hell cares Gu78nny, LETS GO!!! Semper Fi!!!! Ken

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    How did 78 get in there, that ain't even my age!!

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    One Each! Let's get this party started!!

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