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    Count ME in My bones creak a little. HELL I'm a 1371 maybe I
    could lay a few MINE-FIELDS, blow up a few Bridges. Hell give
    me enough C-4 and I'll blow everything up.

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    Highly Motivated and Truly Dedicated!

    Present and accounted for

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    UUUrrraaahh!! Jump in, our ranks are growing! Soon we'll be at division strength! Lock and load, keep the motivation high.



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    Registered User Free Member gigagrunt's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    Home is where the Marine Corps sends you
    0656 reporting as ordered- give me a TDN server and put me in the middle of the sh!t with my m-16 , we'll be talkin to the world in no time!!
    Semper Fi

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    Here with my M14 locked and loaded. No mickey mouse weapon for me. Did fire the M16, but prefer the good old M14. But then again to each his own.

    Red Dragon aka HL

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    Reporting as ordered. Locked and loaded with my seabag packed and ready to go. Let's go kick some a**!

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    If anybody doesn't know where were going, it's OLONGAPO. It's
    a Recon for A** & BEER. Anybody in?

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    3537 Reporting as ordered lets saddle up and roll

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    Roger that! Could use a little t_le n' ale. Subic Bay is a nice place to play, party all night and sleep all day. I'll mount point.

    Semper Fi,


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    Let's roll boys... my trigger finger is get'n itchy! Hope someone has extra rounds.

    Semper Fi Brothers!


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    Talking LET'S ROCK AND ROLL! ! ! !

    Got the old Flame Thrower ready, even have extra fuel. Going to toast a few. Remember we have to kick a$$ and take names, no prisoners.

    Red Dragon aka HL

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    Uuuurrrraaahhh!! Prisoners?? Whats a Prisoner?? OHH those!! I like mine medium rare!! Get some!!

    Semper Fi,


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    Talking STILL WAITING! ! ! !

    For Marines to step forward, stand tall and show their Spirit of the Corps. So many members, so few have stood up in here.

    Red Dragon aka HL

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    WANTED: Armorers, Artillary, Recon, Wingers, S1 Jarhead Mud Slingers and the like. Lookin' for the the Chosen Few, The Pompous Proud, and the one and only true to heart Marines. Need you to rally this site and put your thinking gear on. Cherrys, NFG's, Old Salts, Stripers and O's alike. Lookin' for a rallying point for all Members CONUS. This point can be in the form of a special program, helps, relief, food, needy, coats, etc......Lets get together and throw around some ideas... no pressure...just a project for Leatherneck.Com Marines to pursue..
    Syncronize, adapt and overcome. Site members RALLY.. UUURRRAAAAHH!!

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    Well ya got another 6521 where is those a/c and the bomb dump?
    Mk80's to CBU's, 2.5" MM's and 5" Zuni's, GAU-2B's along with Nape and snakes. If it goes on a a/c as a weapon I can and will do it.

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