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    that'd be me

    Once a Marine always a Marine Semper Fi

    PFC William Chatterton 1963

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    Semper Fi Couldn't have said better my self.

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    OORAH! Bad knees, bad neck and shoulders but still a Marine through and through!!! Semper Fi Do or Die!

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    On Deck, GOD, Country, Corps !! This was Earned not Given !!

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    need a door gunner? I'm ready, Why waltz when you can rock and roll.

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    3533, I'll haul it anywhere it needs to go.

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    Anyone need a ride on an Amtrak? I'm your man!

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    Count me in as well!!

    Semper Fi!

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    1961-1966- Recon - its time for the old corps to be heard.

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    I Am A 62 Year Old Mean, Proud, Tough Sob Marine Who Is Sick And Tired Of This Nation Being Dragged Down By A Bunch Of Sissy Potato Spined Ruffeled Panties Liberals. I Am Ready To Bring Honor Back To America. Move Out Marines.

    Sgt. Larry

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    Lead, Follow, Or get out of the way!!!!!!!!!

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    Exclamation ~~~Found: Marine

    Not "Just a W.M."

    I'm Present and Proud of My Marine Corps Active Duty Service!

    Parris Island; Platoon 4009, MALS 39, MALS 16 - 8.5 Years Served with Honor

    Look forward to hearing from others!

    Motivate Me Marines!

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    Marine in need of other Marine Friends, please write, email marines1967@msn.com, he lives in Boston.

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