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    Always ready and always faithful.


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    Once a "MARINE", Will die a "MARINE" - Semper-fi to all...

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    What? Where?, When, & Who? : What do I do? Where do I do it? When do I do it? and whom do I contact to do It? I have never stopped being available for my Brothers And Sisters. Jarheddd 1900576/0811/0141 1960-1966

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    Anytime, anywhere, prepared in a moments notice.

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    I am--MCRD Paris Island 184, 6-69--looking for Bray or anyone in platoon. Andy Huddleston

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    it's been 20 years since i was an active marine, putting all differances aside i'd still go and kick ass with any marine!!!!

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    Ooo Rah!!!

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    Semper Fi, do or die! One thing we all have in common, as my Senior Drill Instructor taught us, when given the command, "Ready.....SEAT......ADJUST!" we then spelled out while we adjusted and froze when finished was: D-I-S-C-I-P-L-I-N-E, DISCIPLINE, SIR, DISCIPLINE!"

    782 gear packed and ready to go, sir!

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    Marine Corp


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    Fire in the hole, ready to rock and roll

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    Hell Yes. Ready And Always Will Be.... Marine Forever

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    Once A Marine Always A Marine

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    Can I bring my own ammo?

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