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    Reporting for duty 1960/1964 2nd Mar Div, 1st Mar Div & 3rd Mar Div.

    Not as lean but still a Marine

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    First Post - Aye Sir.

    San Diego 1974
    VMFP-3 Photo Recon Squadron, Aerial Camera Tech 1975-1978
    El Toro, 29 Stumps, Yuma, Cherry Point, Iwakuni, USS Midway and points West Pac

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    If you have asthma

    I have asthma would i be able to join

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    Talk to your local recruiter. Be specific on the degree of your affliction and what your doctor uses to control it.

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    Again, talk to your local recruiter.

    Copy and paste that in your browser.

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    Alright I'm in. Let me know when and I will drop papers for the duration. Oh yeah.....Who's got the beer? Don't tell me this is BYOB

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    58 years old, still maintain my military bearing, and ready to roll. Semper Fi, do or die.

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    Oh Hell Yeah! Semper FI!! Trying to get back in and ****ing my wife off in the process. She will probaly divorce me! I'll Miss her!!
    Sgt JT

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    If The Marines Wanted You To Have A Wife They Would Have Put One In Your Seabag!!!!

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    Here with the Comm. Prick-77, Ky-57 ready to call CAS and Arty.

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    Engineer Up!http://www.leatherneck.com/forums/images/smilies/evilgrin.gif

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    Checking in.

    Checking in! All gear ready to go!

    Some bastard tried to take me out with his Peterbuilt tractor-trailer while I slept in a disabled 79 Ford pick-up truck that had daul gas tanks, fully loaded. Struck me and tossed me and the pickup 100 feet into a ditch....

    Then I woke up.

    If interested in taking part in a border operation on the Texas / Mexico border, Get in touch A.S.A.P.! USMC0351Grunt@yahoo.com

    Semper Fi!

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    Still ready to serve at 50, let's get it on !! 3531

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    Always Faithful !

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