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    Semper Fi Do Or Die

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    i have not seen the most important MOS on this screen, the logistic Marine, i am certified to load anything that roll's, floats or flies, without me you do not get the beans, bullets and band-aids!

    Present and accounted for!


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    hello iam looking for a marine he a lance corporal and he was in iraq and iam a friend of his well im a girl and i havent heard from him for almost two months now and iam worried about him is there a way you can help me find where he is please...

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    3051 in the house

    If you need we got it and will bring it to you no matter where you are.


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    Quote Originally Posted by usmcvng
    Semper Fi do or die. That is what it is all about. I am an older Marine, but as hard core as you want to get. Served with G 2/5 1st Mar Div. Battle of "Hue" '68 Tet offensive, 0311 (never would change my MOS) later blown up in a mine field. but not dead. I am in great shape, (no gut, and still working out) and willing to go, but need no BS. I would love to take it to the enemy again, I have full combat gear, and fully armed, so if you are serious, name the time and place and I will be there. I have served my time in hell, but am willing to face the bastards again. If it me or some young Marine, let it be me. I have been blessed by this great country, and I am willing to serve again.
    Saepe Expertus Semper Fidelis Fratres Aeterni
    "Often Tested" "Always Faithful" "Brothers Forever" If you are serious, lets roll.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wrbones
    WTF is the game, and who needs their ass kicked?
    If you have any poo, fling it now. Lets make it happen!

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    No hill too steep, no creek too deep if we can't truck it....well you know the rest. Motor T reporting and ready to roll

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    we take the best if with the mostest if you can handle it come join the group report in as icraig78 and be ready

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    I am here

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    im still in the corps my gandaddy is still a marine he is hell on me but im up for it ooora

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    if you are ready pack your gear and lets head out

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    Locked and Cocked

    This Wire Dog still has the high and tight after 16 years.
    I'll ALWAYS stand tall and proud when Old Glory flies.

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    OH Yeah

    Once a Marine Alaways a MARINE

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