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    this is the stuff that confirms myself that i have made the right choice in joining the Corps. Thank you to all of you that are serving and have served.

    Will report to MCRD Paris Island, SC June 23, 2003.

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    Devil Dog For Life Platinum Member Gary's Avatar
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    Cool Yo GrimReaper

    I'm ready to go just show me the right direction

    Sgt G.A. Blake

    Marine! the title says it all

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    FO, Naval Gunfire Spotter, Telegrapher, Mux Operator, Arty FDC Operator and CommChf...You can talk about us but, you can't talk without us ! Let's Do It !

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    Thumbs up hej what the heck

    ... might as well sound off like I got a pair!

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    Old Marines don't die, They go to hell and re-enlist into active duty!!!!!!

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    Semper Fi

    Guns Up...another Marine reporting sir, I've served my time in Hell.

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    Rock and roll lets go. You mark em I'll tag em.
    SEMPER FI!!!!!

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    This is your cool fool at the Motor Pool
    I have the 6x fueled and ready to roll.
    All 0311 jump in and I'll take you where they
    need us to go. Don't worry about the beer,
    I never travel with out it. Have to take care of
    all my 0311. They are the backbone all the rest
    of us are just support.

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    Thumbs up

    Locked and loaded and ready to rock, anytime, anyplace 0311/8151

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    Talking MARINES.........


    The Red Dragon aka HL

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    Guest Free Member
    I had posted this before, but I think this is a good place to bump it.
    I could use some help on this one.

    Several month's ago, after watching the umpteenth rerun of the Over the Hill Gang, I had an idea for an updated version.

    For those who haven't seen the Over the Hill Gang, it was a comedy about several long-retired marshalls, sheriffs, and cowboy heroes who came out of retirement for one last ride into the sunset. The actors were relics remaining from a long list of former cowboy sidekicks and character actors we easily recognized from long forgotten western scenes we grew up with.

    Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when out of the west came the echoes of "Hi Yo Sadaam, Awaaaaaaaaaay!

    Instead of a calvery bugler trilling to the beat of The William Tell Overture as a lead-in, we have the sound of chopper blades wump wumping the beat of Proud Mary.

    I don't have much of a storyline put together yet, just bits and pieces of scenes to be developed.

    A standing vet, tossing a hand granade. He joints lock up and he is frozen like a statue until two buddies can get to him and tip him over.

    Every squad has one man tasked with carrying the squad's daily medication requirements, and is responsible for their timely ingestion. He wakes them up, if it's sleeping pill time.

    Attached to each platoon is a corpman, two physical therapists and a shrink. Also a dietician responsible for the daily preparation of the individual food packages for those on restricted diets.

    A scene where two men are carrying a buddy, while two others are trying to get his all-terrain mechanized wheel chair out of a ditch.

    The CO back at HQ is in an iron lung, while two of his staff are attached to portable respirators.

    A scene where the med-evac chopper pilot, wearing dark sunglasses, is walking out to his aircraft tapping a white cane.

    A scene where the explanation for disregarding a radio msg is that the battery went out on the operator's hearing aid.

    A rapelling insertion from a hovering helo, and some practical joker substituted a bungee cord.

    The morale officer was a Korean War vet, and the USO show he booked for the troops had the survivors from the original cast of a show he saw in Inchon.

    I can see a machine gunner or a helo mech with palsey, and a character with alzheimer's.

    You get the idea. I think if we put our talents together, we could really make this thing work.

    Semper Fi

    Mike Farrell
    Cagayan de Oro

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    These are two posts that responded to my call for help.

    The scenario you write about is Believeable.

    My New knees keep locking up and I am on a restricted Diet

    and need my Meds on a timely Basis , but let there be no DOUBT

    I can still shoot straight and my Mind is as good now as it ever


    Arm them all with M-14ís Thompsonís & M1911ís, donít forget the aluminum Canteens and throw in a couple of Kids and a VA Rep to carry the Beer & extra ammo.

    Your best map-reader carries a shotgun because his coke bottle lenses wont allow him to see very well much beyond his fingertips.

    Your Point man uses a metal detector to look for trip wires and your M-60 team consists of 5 crewman, (1) Gunner, (1) A gunner (1) ammo man and (2) others who take turns helping the Gunner carry the Gun. Your 3.5 team consists of 7 crewman (1) Gunner, (1) A gunner and (5) ammo carriers (1) round each.

    The CO rides in a bulletproof 1980 Mercedes towing a reinforced 1969 Airstream trailer. The Company driver has the best driving record with only (6) Speeding ticks & (2) DUIís in the past 10 years.

    The 50ís & 106ís are mounted on the back of Camo Ford F150 4x4ís and instead of 6xís, the troops are transported in 1970 Vintage, reinforced, Camo School Buses. Each outfitted with armor plating, bulletproof glass, Draft Beer coolers and full Heads with showers.

    Now all ya need is a unit designation and the plot Ė ďThe First MissionĒ
    I was thinking about " Damn Saddam, Here We Come".

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    "Damn Saddam, Here We Come........Again"

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    The Secretary of State, the Honorable Colin Powell, during a recent trip to the UN in New York was approached by an Iraqi news reporter, who asked: "Is it true that only 13 percent of young Americans can even find Iraq on the map?"

    The Secretary turned to the reporter with a smile and said: "Yes, that's true. But the sad news for Iraq is that the 13 percent are all United States Marines!" HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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    Let's roll....I'm in the mood to kick some afghanie ass!!!!

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