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    Choosing MOS

    Recently I have been thinking of joining the Marine Corps. I have always thought about it ever since I was a little kid and I saw a young marine coming home in his Dress Blues.. I am now 23 and feel very strongly about joining, and serving my country and earning the title of USMC. My question is what MOS should I try to look into? I have background in Computer Repair and Maintenance as well as Networking..By reading it seems that maybe 0656-Tactical Network Specialist or 2651-Special Intel Systems Admin. would be something to look into..anyone have any feedback on that? I do understand that first and foremost I would be a Marine and Rifleman, just want to make sure I am also looking for a good MOS.

    Also I would think I would need a waiver for a DUI about 3 yrs back? If anyone can confirm that would be great. I will be stopping by the recruiters office tomorrow and try to get this going..

    Thanks for any help or answers you may have.

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    Your first thing would be a Marine recruiter.

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    First off, capitalize Marine. Second, either 0651 or 0656 would be a good mos to go into, I worked around a bunch of them. If you want to advance in computer skills, these would be the mos's to do it.

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    Sorry about that! I thought I had capitalized all of them! guess I missed one. Will be edited right now.

    Tried to Edit my original post but it wont let me..

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