Enlist after graduation or wait for Citizenship and go OCS?
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    Question Enlist after graduation or wait for Citizenship and go OCS?

    I will be graduating this May from Wesleyan University (Philosophy and Italian Studies Major). I've pretty much made up my mind that I want to enlist late next summer; Infantry as field of choice. I want to know whether anyone thinks that this would be a waste of my time and talent, and that what I should do instead is be patient, wait for Citizenship, and then go OCS and on.

    I've been living in the States for over 15 years now; I've had my green card since about March 2005 and I believe that I can apply for Citizenship in 2010. Not sure how long the application process lasts, but I'm assuming no Citizenship before 2011. I would have two years inbetween graduation and Corps-- time to go to Grad school, maybe work or travel, maybe get in better or worse shape, and I would be entering the Corps at 23 or 24.

    Although if I were already a US Citizen I would probably apply for OCS, the idea of waiting two years does not appeal to me for various reasons.

    I'm pretty sold on the enlisted route, but I'll share some concerns-- of mine and others-- that I would like to know whether to take more seriously or ignore.

    I'll be older be older (22 by the time I'll be in) than most recruits, and most people tell me I am far more responsible and mature than most adults my age. Would I fit in among most junior enlisted Marines? The problem isn't so much me treasuring their company, but whether I'll be accepted and given a chance considering my background. [Speaking of which, besides being mixed-race and foreign-born, I'm also an atheist and more of an Obama camp person-- would this not mix well with the Corps?]

    I've had a pretty good education. I'm a Horace Mann graduate (of Ilario Pantano fame/infamy) and Wesleyan University is a top ranked college. I've also had good exposure to leadership/management positions. Would I benefit the Corps more by going in as an Officer?

    Which experience is more enjoyable? Which more challenging?

    Any advice is much appreciated. I've tried to be as brief as possible-- if more information is needed with regards to my background or what kind of experience I am looking for, I'll be more than happy to add.

    One last request-- if there is any Marine who can give me a good amount advice on this (mustangs especially) and is in the NYC or Middletown, CT area-- I'd be more than happy to offer lunch or beer and hear about you experience.

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    I was 21 when I joined the Corps. and there was two guys older then me during boot and age was never a problem for any of us, in fact I believe it benefited me during my time. After boot it was never a problem either, in fact the only time I had a problem with my age was when the under age guys wanted me to buy them beer.
    As far as your race/nationallity Marines are one color green some are just darker then others, and believe me when I was in racism, etc was dealt with extremely harshly (as it should have.). With your religious beliefs you may run into some "bothersome" dealings while in boot, we were ordered to go to church on Sundays, mainly so that we could have a break from the DI's. If this is does happen, if you go that route just look at it as a respite.
    As far as "fitting in" there will always be those that don't like you no matter where you go, the main thing is to be a good leader, wether it is as an enlisted Marine or officer, this will gain the respet of those that follow you.
    On a side note, I am attempting to become a mustang myself, as an officer in with my local National Guard unit (to old to get back into the Corps.)

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    If you've got the option to go as an officer then for ****s sakes do it. Yeah yeah enlisted lifers will say that officers are a bunch of paper pushers and what not, but you know what, thouse same enlisted guys have to salute and take orders from officers.

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    Thanks. I found out that even if I got US Citizenship, I'd have to give up my Italian one. That means giving up free healthcare and the opportunity to work in Europe if I ever feel like it, and frankly that's not something I'm willing to commit to at the moment.

    I talked to a recruiter yesterday. I'll be meeting him in March, and I'm looking to ship off sometime in July or August. So hopefully enlisted 0300 for 4 years if all goes well.

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    First,I was 30 years old when I went through boot-camp.Age was never an issue.If you won't give up your Italian citizenship perhaps you're not ready to go the whole hog.Joining the Marines is just that,"goin' the whole hawg."

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