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    Bring Backs?

    So today I had the opportunity to go and clean out a storage unit I rent and came across a foot locker of mine I had forgotten about mostly with my old uniforms and such in it the ones that are unserviceable.

    In the footlocker I found the following items that I had brought back from Iraq.
    Iraqi Bayonet
    Desert Shemagh (sp?) that I wore the entire time while over there
    Iraqi Hat in the old Chocolate Chip camo
    Iraqi Flag
    3 (1000 dollar bill) Iraqi Dinars one of which my entire platoon had signed

    Now these items may not hold significance to anyone else but to me they are memories from one of the best adventures of my life.

    Made me curious as to what you all had brought back if anything?

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    I have my shemagh that I wore over in Iraq also

    A Iraqi flag that I stole from some school . ( its all tattered, a couple bullet holes, smells like ass.)

    My old boots that I wore over there. (disgusting)

    A buch of different Hadji books, cd's , and other crap bought in Iraq.

    All in my man room in a chest that I keep.

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    I have my boots as well, I've been wearing them as hiking boots, should stop and put them up. They're still stained with my blood too.

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    PSYOP Leaflets
    Sand in Tobasco bottle
    Iraqi Berets
    MOPP Suit- British
    Paper Money
    A bunch of other trash

    Shiit that we couldn't bring back that I had.

    T-72 Night Sight
    Booku AK Bayonets
    Booku AK's (pic in my profile)
    Dragunov Sniper Rifle "
    Iraqi cigs w/ THC LOL

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    still have my flight jacket,webb belt and buckle,my service ribbons,my EGA,crew wings.not much else

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    Jungle boots, Dress Shirts that are to small now, ribbons/medals, my I love me wall papers, pics of me as I was young and other pic of some of the guys I was with. My ships liberty card and a lot of memories that I have hidden away

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