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    I know how to wear six medals on my dress blues, but what if you have seven? How do you mount them? Do you still over lap? I'm trying to set up my blues for a wedding an could use some help.

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    I'm looking for a "little red monster". Lost mine along the way. Will buy or trade. please email at Thanks, semper fi

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    Thumbs up need some help please

    I joined ther marines in 1975 to help in the Vietnam war, 13 days after I joined the war ended. About 8 years back, my house burned down, and we lost everything. 3 years ago, I was diagnosised with stomach cancer, they removered all of my stomach, and as you can imagine they will not let me work any more, I am trying to get my affairs in order. I am looking for a set of dress blues to complete the last of some of the final arrangments. If you have some, maybe I can come up with the money to buy them.
    Thanks bo

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    For sale:
    First time on DVD(NTSC system)!Never been available anywhere!
    USMC documentary,"LES MARINES",1957 French film,in b&w running-time 20:00 min.
    Depicts Marine Corps boot-camp at Parris Island.Made as a direct result of the 1956 Ribbon Creek Tragedy where six recruits drowned.Meant to show how recruits are maltreated!This documentary has never been available for sale/rent ever.Narrated in French with Swedish/English sub-titles.Picture/sound are excellent.I'll sell this for the money I paid for it in 2001,i.e.$ 550.00.

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    Can't see why any Marine would want such a video. All Marines know what goes on in Marine Corps Boot Camp.

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    Seems like this is the spot I have been looking for for years! I am and have been looking for my Navy Cruise Jacket that grew frekking legs and walked out of my house while I played in the Big Sandbox (Desert Storm 90-91). And yes a splittail had it in her possession. It took a walk from Jville, NC. It has USS IOWA BB61 MARDET on back. Yes I was a seagoing bellhop 84-86(SEADUTY). I know it is a LONG shot for its return. But if anyone knows what material they are made of and were I can find said material, I will spend the 4 bills to have another made. Oh, ad btw THE splittail's name was Brandi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Marine View Post
    Can't see why any Marine would want such a video.

    All Marines know what goes on in Marine Corps Boot Camp.

    ^ NO sub-titles

    use the $550 for a hooker and six packs,
    or two-dozen

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    Here is what you need to know about Marine Corps boot camp!!

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    Guest Free Member
    Brandi, good name, hahahahaha !!!!

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    For Sell

    LCPL Dress Blue Jacket & pants- 40R(jacket)/32R(pants)
    LCPL Service Alphas Jacket 39R
    Dress Shoes size 11 or 10 1/2 cant remember which one honestly
    Track suit top/bottom
    Dress Blue Cap as well

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    I need NCO Dress Blue Trousers 44" Waist 30" length. I am currently the Jr. Vice Cmdt of the Capt. William D. Glynn Detachment #128.
    I appreciate your help!
    Semper Fi!
    Pete Tingle

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    Oldtop is looking to sell his Tu-Tu. It is well worn, but taken good care of through the years.Click image for larger version

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    Your funny mongoose.

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