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    Looking for MCRD Platoon 2065 or 2072 September 1974 graduation book.

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    MCRD Platoon 3327 San Diego

    I'm looking for a graduation book for platoon 3327 MCRD formed in I think November of 67 and would of graduated in Jan of 1968? I do remember spending Christmas and New Years day in boot camp. I would like to hear from anyone still around from that platoon thanks.

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    Looking for Marines that attended ITS during October 27 through November 27, 1974 at Camp Pendleton, California. If you were there and can recall the C4 demo explosion training incident please contact me. I was also at Camp Horno during this era.

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    Looking for MCRD Platoon graduation book. September 1974 platoon 2072.

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    I saw several 74 platoon books on e-bay.

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    Thank you Carolyn..i saw them but not my platoon.

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