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    Quote Originally Posted by jonmic1 View Post
    My mind isn't what it used to be. I've been asking for sometime for a copy of my graduation from MCRD San Diego. Now I'm wondering if I have the right Plt # I'm thinking it was 3305 , did anyone in boot camp in Nov. Of 67' remember if thet had a Plt with that number. Any help would be appreciated.

    Semper fi
    Yes it was 3305. SSgt. Minnifield, Sgt. Lawrence and Sgt. Withrow. I still have mine somewhere. Could scan you a copy when I find it.

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    Truk - I have the platoon picture (of my dad) and the flag is 2050, so I'm pretty sure he was in Platoon 2050, this is June 1969, Joseph Escobedo

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    Sir, I'm still trying to find my "Dad's" Platoon 2050 (June 1969), Joseph Escobedo, my e-mail is {}, I am willing to pay what ever it costs to get this picture for my dad....thanks again

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoobie48 View Post
    Sir, I'm still trying to find my "Dad's" Platoon 2050 (June 1969), Joseph Escobedo, my e-mail is {}, I am willing to pay what ever it costs to get this picture for my dad....but please check if platoon 2050 is in there, I am looking for the "Dress Blue" picture, I would really appreciate it?????thanks again

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    P.I. Recruit Red Book available

    If anyone is interested I have the following Recruit Red book for sale
    email me if interested, book is in great condition for its age, pictures available upon request.

    1970 Marine Corps Recruit Depot
    Parris Island South Carolina
    Platoon 1014

    Commenced Training on 12 October 1970
    Completed Training on 14 December 1970

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    This is cb5853, please if anyone can locate me a copy of graduation platoon 2030, in 1979, Parris Island, please please notify me,

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    This is cb5853, I am looking for my platoon 2030 , year 1979, Parris Island. Your help would be appreciated

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    Attention on deck, looking for marines that was parris island boot camp 1974.plt.219
    if you have red graduation book please notify me asap. and tell me the price of this book you may have in your footlocker.

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    I'm looking for the boot camp graduation book for platoon 1093 mcrd entered may 26 1969. kenny holm semper fi

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    looking for jag 1970 got an e-mail stating that boot camp graduation book platoon 1093 mcrd join date may 26 1969 is available. e-mail address

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    To jag1970. Can you help me get my graduation book, Platoon 2030, Parris Island 1979?

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    platoon 2030 parris island, 1979. what proof do you need? my senior d.i. was senior drill instructor staff sargeant combs, can't remember his first name

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    looking for graduation book for platoon 2030, parris island, 1979. my email address is

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    you were on the island about the same time that i was, only i was in 2nd battalion, platoon 2030, right across from the parade deck. semper fi

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    no, but platoon 2030 parris island 1979 sure would be nice. my email is

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