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    Would like to know if you have a book from 1965. I graduated from boot camp MCRD San Diego 11/3/1965 through 1/3/1966 platoon 2014. Just did eight weeks of boot camp because of Vietnam and rushing through training.

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    P.I. Recruit Red Book available

    If anyone is interested I have the following Recruit Red book for sale
    email me if interested, book is in great condition for its age, pictures available upon request.

    1970 Marine Corps Recruit Depot
    Parris Island South Carolina
    Platoon 1014

    Commenced Training on 12 October 1970
    Completed Training on 14 December 1970

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    Looking for graduation book from PI PLT 3033 Graduation was in May of 1990

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    I need a graduation book for Plt. 3002, commenced training Nov. 4,1974, graduated Jan 28, 1975 India Co. 3rd Blt. Parris Island

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    Quote Originally Posted by kansascdr View Post
    For those of you looking for a copy of your Recruit Training Book try Ebay. I have purchased and sold several there in the past few years. They generally run from $10-20 each. I recently purchased a about 30 from an antique store in St. Louis. They range from 1964 to 1987 from both Dago and PI. I would be happy to sell you one but you must be able to prove you were in that platoon or give me the name of a loved one who was in that platoon. Email me for a list. Oh yeah I ain't getting rich off this. You pay what I paid plus shipping. I figured these would set in the antique store for years or some other ebay mogul would buy them and jack the price up.

    PS another site that might have your book is They have and on line auction that is mostly military stuff. US, German, Japanese, etc. Your on your own there but the last time I looked they had several books for sale.
    Do you have one MCRD San Diego, Plt 3305 from 1 Nov 1967
    Thanks in advance

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    Looking for grad book Platoon 3032 GRAD DATE SEP 1967 San Diego.

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    My mind isn't what it used to be. I've been asking for sometime for a copy of my graduation from MCRD San Diego. Now I'm wondering if I have the right Plt # I'm thinking it was 3305 , did anyone in boot camp in Nov. Of 67' remember if thet had a Plt with that number. Any help would be appreciated.

    Semper fi

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    do you have San Diego platoon 232 grad in 1963

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    MCRD Museum Historical Society
    Pat Hawkins


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    PLT 1000 MCRD PISC Grad 2 Dec 1975

    Anyone who knows how I can get a copy of the Graduation book let me know, please. SSgt T. Smith, SDI, SSgt Tutton, Sgt. W. Miller, Sgt. Mersino were the Drill Instructors. I was in that platoon.

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    I am looking for PLt. 1000, MCRD PISC, Graduated 2 Dec 1975

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    I would of never thought someone i went through boot with found me on Leatherneck, he is looking for 1031 1968 book PI, i have mine hoping to find a way to copy it, who would of thought,.......................usmc

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    Looking for platoon 2004 MCRDSD 1968 went in on 20may68

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    I am looking for a graduation book for Platoon 3070 MCRD San Diego graduated SEPT. 1975. Thanks Marine!! SEMPER FI

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    Quote Originally Posted by marine1955 View Post
    Hello Marines, Heres some information that will help you score your Platoon book.
    Fill out your profile so someone can get back to you or leave an email address so someone can email you back.
    This is not rocket science , it's just a plan fact !! help your self. If you don't,, you want know if I are someone else has a copy of your Platoon Book.
    It's quite simple if this advice is heeded...Many Marines/Corpsmen may be looking to link up, but they have no idea who you are unless your profile is completed...

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