Yet another DQ question
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    Yet another DQ question

    To all Marines and Poolies, you inspire me. I am new to this site and I have lurked for quite some time. I have scoured the internet for days on end just for an answer on this one medical question. From what I understand, sleep apnea is an automatic DQ (that was not hard to find out). However, if I had a successful surgery to correct the problem, would there be any chance that the beloved Corps would even consider a nasty civilian such as myself? Thank you all for your time. I do not think this has been answered anywhere, if it has, my sincerest appologies.

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    I am really hoping that the waivers are easily obtained.

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    Have you talked to a recruiter on your issues?

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    Talk to a recruiter. I have a friend who was never diagnosed with sleep apnea until he was at SOI, where he was medically discharged.

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    I have not been diagnosed yet. But I have suspected that the outcome would be that of WKranz's Marine friend. I have called a recruiter today and realized that they must be on Christmas vacation. No one else on earth deserves a break from work more than the Marines right now. Is there anyone else out there with stories of people snoring (as well as not breathing from time to time) at boot or SOI?

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    I dont know about breathing, but I heard snores all the time at boot and SOI mainly because you are so tired by the end of the day you just pass out.

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