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    I don't remember knowing anyone at ICECUB when I 'gophered' there from
    Group Supply. I would waddle in about 10 in the morning, pick up requests for the
    stuff we carried up at group after delivering anything I had brought down, and then waddled out..... everyone seemed pretty busy.....

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    I was just going thru some of my "stuff" andf found about 70 35mm slides I intend to have printed up soon. I know for sure some of them came from 1965 and my Chulai time. I also have some from when I was attached to VMGR-152 and ran the flare crew. I found a picture of the A-4 Sky Hawk that came in on a collapsed strut (landing gear) and ended up in H&MS-17's open bay hanger where it had spun around after contacting the support post when I was there. Can't remember if I had to help and de-arm the Sidewinders or not as my memory kind of runs together from all those times. Getting old is shakey at best as I was 28 my first tour in 1965, but adapted well. Probably one of the oldest Cpls in the Corps. LOL

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    Hey Bill,
    Was in the Ordnance/Flare Crew in 1969. We mostlikely flew together.
    If you have photos, please post or send them. I have lost most of mine when my car was stolen, with its contents, a couple of days after discharge.
    Do you remember "Iggy" Raez, SSgt Bob Taylor and of course our line chief, Top Brown?


    Mac McGrath.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackcat View Post
    Wow, I was there from 08/66-09/67 and 02/68-04/69. I was with H&MS-17 and worked in the avonics shop. I also flew the flare ships to get the flight pay and wings. I wish I could figure out who some of you guys are because I'm sure I know you. I also have pictures but I'm not sure how to post them...... Any help would be appreciated.

    Bill Campbell Sgt. USMC

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    That sure was Kim in the E-Club. She was the dental tech who checked my teeth prior to getting my flight crew status.

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    I was with H&MS 17 from January '67 through March of '68. I was real short during TET and *&^hole 1st Sgt made me go on reactionary platoon...Bomb dump and DOg patch burning quite a show...

    Richard George E-4
    flightline maintance Shops

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    Photo of Navy A-7 that landed in the H&MS Hangar

    Photo courtesy of Charles Weidman.

    Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words! Thanks Charles.

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    Iggy Raez


    I remember Iggy, and a funny story about him being in the Philippines with some of the other guys from '17.

    Involved a bar girl, and whether Iggy was a local or a Marine. I think Larry Arnold was involved.


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    I was there when that happened. The guy was a CO off one of the carriers. He ejected as soon as the plane hit the runway......

    Quote Originally Posted by vanmac View Post
    Photo courtesy of Charles Weidman.

    Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words! Thanks Charles.

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    Here's the skinny on the A-7 crash.

    14 Sept 1968 A‑7A154344
    NK 610
    Da Nang AB, SVN
    hit in starboard wing by AAA. Emergency landed at Da Nang, arrester cable broke and aircraft ran off runwaypilot ejected and rescued

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    Hey, I was with the reactionary platoon at that textile mill and it sounds like you stole my story. I did enter the factory with one other marine but I dont remember who. I did enter the tunnel toward the back of the building with several other marines and we were gassed by the mp company. I was also firing from building across from the concrete vents where the gooks were returning fire from. Now if you remember all of this then you must remember that I sliced my left elbow on a broken window pane. bled like a pig. The MP corpsman thought I took a round. then he laughed and tied a field dressing on me. Had I had the sense to report to sick bay I would have gotten a PH. I would have taken some sh-t for that. Any way my name is Joe Smith. I was a skinny wise ass from new york city but at least I had the balls to box in that Smoker we had. I'll try to post some pics if any of you guys are still around this forum or whatever you call it. Oh by the way , I was only 17 years old when I arrived in Nov 67. I turned 18 on the 27 of Dec. That might explain my *******ness at the time, But I absolutely loved it.........so much I served another 6 mos. and every day of it on the reactionary platoon. sempre fi

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    I don't know much about any of your outfits, but if you were in any 53's anywhere over I Corps, I probably road with you.

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    Hey shafer go to the last page and read my story about the textile mill.

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    [QUOTE=razorback76;425915]The group bomb dump was hit during an attack on july 15, 1967. As I recall, there were about 50 rounds fired that night, over a period of almost an hour, around 3am..We were ducking down in our bunkers laughing and joking, as most of the rounds passed over us to hit the air force side. It was the last round that hit the bomb dump. The explosion was pretty intense and it stopped all of the laughing and joking. Lots of concussion damage to our huts and locks of rocks rained down on our area but no one was hurt. The mess hall ceiling collapsed onto 1200 lbs. of chicken that was thawing out for that days noon meal. It all had yto be destroyed because of all the junk that fell on it. We ate B-ration chicken that day, boy were the troops ****ed. That was the day before my 20th birthday. semper fidelis, Jerry[/QUOTE

    I was there that night also, our defense area was just down. From the newly built USO. Across the road was the bomb dump that went up. I remember when it went up, it looked like a small A bomb. I remover as the hot bomb shrapnel hit the mud and the sizzling as it hit. I know my head was plugged deep in the mud. This was my main stressor for my PTSD, I got research material for my claim, went through after that. I still have the flash backs, I have two pieces of the shrapnel so I will never forget that night. Semper Fi to all those that went through that night.

    R Wayne Cook
    MSgt USMCR
    Cpl in 1967
    MAG 11 Motor T

    That was pucker factor 15 out of 10

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    Hello my name is Kaldya. My US History class at El Cajon Valley High School is doing a project to honor men who died in the Vietnam War. The project is called "Put A Face With A Name" and is sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund in Washington D.C. Can you please help me with information or a photo of James Walter Jones? I know that he was in the H&MS-17, MWSG-17,1st MAW, III MAF units. Thank you so much for your time. If you have any questions you can contact my teachers. Mr. Wilkerson or Mrs. Bogart at (619)401-4843 or email Mrs. Bogart at dbogart@guhsd.net.


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