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    VA Rumor - Cas3


    Why did el bushwacker approved a lesser amount of money for the VA than what it was asked for? Why did he do that? If el bushwacker was for the Veterans, he would have approved what was being asked. El bushwacker follows the precedent of other presidents before him, by ****ing with its Veterans.

    Did el bushwacker not hiked up the amount of money Veterans have to pay for medecine now? It went up from $3.00 to $7.00 per perscription. Cast3, on the average, tell me how many medecines do Veterans take, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, or more. Multiply that by $7.00. When Veterans collect travel pay, why should Veterans have to $6.00 plus as co-payment? So why do Veterans who travel to VA clinics have to pay a co-payment plus their medecines? When the VA rates the disability of a Veteran, why does $40% plus 30% equal 60%? I know why, but inform other Veterans in case they do not know. It is not that the VA do not know how to add numbers, it just another way of ****ing with the Veterans. Give them less.

    Did Veterans not served their country? Our government made us sick with the spraying of Agent Orange and we as Veterans have to pay for our medecines. Maybe Veterans should sue our government and the VA at the same time.

    El bushwacker did not served his country honorably, but he has and will have better health coverage without being a veterans himself. What is wrong with that picture?

    The VA clinics in St Louis have a waiting list of up to a year for new Veterans that are applying for VA health care. How come the monies are not there? Why should those Veterans have to wait because of shortage in VA care personnel? I am sure other cities have the same problem. What is wrong with that picture?

    I, as Veteran am diagnosed with diabetes, ear infections, ringing of the ear (24 hours a day), skin rash and PTSD, just to name a few. I now sleep for 3 yo 4 hours a night. Tonight I have not sleep because I am/was not sleepy at all. I left college and volunteer to served my country and did not ask for deferrments. The government made me sick. Why should I pay? I return from Nam and earned my BA Degree in Education. My illness has stop me from teaching. Whose to blame? I used to earn more money as a teacher when you compare it with VA benefits. In my situation, what is wrong with my picture? Serve your country and get ****.

    Cas3, do not tell me that the VA was not short changed and it is not passing the short changes to the Veterans. I know better.

    I do not know if you are a VA representative or work for some Veteran organization, but I wish you luck. I could go on and on and give you other examples of how the VA with orders from el bushwacker is messing with this country's Veterans. But I will stop for now. Have a nice morning.

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    I am a veteran service rep at the Board of Veteran Appeals.
    You should get one if you don't have one already.
    Co payments on prescriptions are only charged for non service connected meds.
    VA math is hard to understand. I use the rating table found in the CFR because I still get messed up. Basically, they take each percentage away from the percentage of how healthy you are...
    You can go online and see 38 CFR
    Geez, there are so many things you need clarity on so why don't you email me at work on Monday and I can send you links to all of the VA laws that apply.
    As for my Commander in Chief...don't **** me off. I voted for him. The budget is based on how many veterans will be needing treatment in the future, Principi and his cronies like to jack the number up. My organization and a few others take part in the Independant Budget and I can send that to you alos. VA health care is becoming an HMO. Face it...Health care in the US, whether VA or non VA does stink. My empoloyer wanted me to pay 500 a month for health benefits...I can't afford that so I use the VA as I am service connected for all of my disabilities.
    I advise you to get a rep. You can get all of your disabilities service connected like I did. It isn't difficult to do. You sound like you should be 100% based on PTSD alone. Unless of course you have a job and don't take time off.
    As for the waiting list in St. Louis, I am not aware of any VA having a waiting list. If one walks into the VA and goes to eligibilty and gets into the system, the appointment is based on what you are service connected for. I have never heard of any of my vets complaining about waiting to get an appointment. You are given a primary care physician (again HMO-like) and seen by him. He then reefers you to specialty clinics.
    If you can, contact me at during the week.

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