Poolees from Wisconsin
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    Poolees from Wisconsin

    If there are any poolees from Wisconsin, post and let me know where u live in WI, and if there's anything you want to know. I'll be home on the 20th of Dec. If anybody feels like going for some PT.

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    I live in the Brillion area. I would just like to know what MOS you have or you're going for.

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    I'm currently in MP training right now, so you want to go and PT

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    I won't be able to do anything until after Christmas, but if you wanted to we could set something up. I would be a little afraid to PT with a Marine, my running time is horrible.

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    I ran an 1830 my last PFT, but I don't time run unless it's for pft, I just go distance. I live Near Antigo, so are you thinking about joining the Corps?

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    I can run pretty far if we take a slow pace. Antigo is about 2 hours away from me, my family has a cabin around there. I'm actually wanting to be an 8404 Corpsman.

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    That's not a bad field, and if u play your cards right you could be a Recon Corpsman, but they are the elite!

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    I'm going to get though Boot Camp and "A" School before I even think about Recon. There is a few of us in the chat room tonight, if you would like, you could stop in and talk with us.

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    I know, just putting that out there, that there are a lot of benefits to going corpsman

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    If you want to be the best though, MARINE CORPS all the way!

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    Recon would be something I would attempt after a deployment. If the Marine Corps had a medical position, then I would sign as a Marine.

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    Im from Wisconsin, I live in Door County and ship as of 20090217. Joined the Marine Corps.

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    If you can make it to the recruting station in wausau I'll meet you there

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    Marshfield Area. A little sleepy town called Medford. PT with a Marine? *gulp* Uhhh... depends on the day.

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    I live in Madison. However, I can't make it up anywhere close to Wausau.

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