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    Fill out your profile, then ask questions!

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    How do i do that


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    Just click on the customize profile button, that'll take you to efverything that you need to fix. PFC Cwalling, how long is the whole traing supposed to go? Like how long until you're training is done?

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    I have 4 weeks left.I am on block 2 doing narcotic/explosive detection.I got a new dog named rocky..he'se a 56 LB black lab longhair.he'se a total spaz but he works great,I barely have to present areas to him to search he does it all on his own.We did barracks and commercial aircraft this past week,looking for explosives. I'm going to make a video for my teams graduation,using the pictures and videos i've got.I'll post that when it's finished.

    I'm itching to get to the fleet and start doing my job,student status for a year blows.

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    So lucky

    your so lucky man i've been trying to get in k-9 for years but u have to wait in the air force and my package is finally waiting board approval then i'm back to lackland for 12 weeks. cant wait to go through what ur going through hit us back soon. take care and be safe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cwalling View Post
    this thread is for for any poolees or Marines interested in becoming a MWD handler. A few of the requirments to become a handler are as follows:

    Job Description: A military working dog handler is a military policeman who is additionally trained to properly employ a military working dog to conduct vehicle searches, searches of open areas, buildings, vehicles, etc., for the detection of explosives or illegal drugs and who also has the ability to search for lost or wanted persons.
    Job Requirements:
    (1) Must currently hold MOS 5811.
    (2) Possess no fear of dogs.
    (3) Must be a volunteer. (4) Complete the Military Working Dog Basic Handler Course and the Detector Dog Handler Course, Lackland Air Force Base.

    My story to becoming a MWD Handler started when i decided to join the Marine Corps. I knew without a doubt that i wanted to be a dog handler the first day i stepped into the recruiting office. At the time i thought it was an infantry secondary MOS I told the recruiter " I want infantry and i want to be a dog handler" he told me that it was in fact a Military Police secondary MOS and that he could not gaurntee me MP let alone Dog Handler that it would have to come from me.
    After Bootcamp i reported to Camp Geige for MCT.While there near the end of our stay at Camp DevilDog we recieved our MOS and orders, I got lucky and got MP (5811) and was given orders to report to fort leonardwood,MO (an army basic training base). Remember, unless you are a reservist you are not guarnteed to get field MP, we had 9 MP hopefuls in my MCT platoon 2 of them got 5831 (corrections specialist) basically,prison guards.there training is actually at lackland AFB where K9 goes as well.While at MP school we where asked who wanted K9,3/4's of the platoon raised there hands! I was a bit shocked,I thought i was the only one who wanted it and now i had that much more competition. 40 of us applied and where told that we would have to submit an essay about why we think we should be a Working Dog Handler. Some of us didn't even write one,I wrote a 5 page essay and was lucky enough to get help from members of these forums (thank you again guys,it means the world to me) while we out in the field portion of our Mp training we where put in a classroom after doing a 24 hour MOUT operation.Dog tired,hungry and sore i sat down and heard our platoon SGT "ok guys and gals, the moment you have all been waiting for" he then put a powerpoint MC EXCEL thing up on the screen showing a list of east coast,west coast,overseas,HMX-1 and K9. i didn't see my name on the EC or WC list,i didn't apply for OS and i know i didnt get HMX,what the hell is going on?! my plt sgt came up to me "whats the matter walling?" "well SSGT, my name isn't on any of the lists,where am i going?" "you wanted K9 didn't ya? you wouldn't shutup about it!" "yes SSGT" he then told our other SGT to scroll down 1 more on the screen,they had hidden my name which was last on the list of K9.out of 40....... SIX of us where selected. Needless to say i was overjoyed.

    Normally you would stand a board with other canditates and they would pick the most qualified based on an inspection and your records. for whatever reason this was not the case with us and we where selected on our personal training record

    your rifle score
    your pft score (must be 1st class)
    reserve status (reservists cannot be dog handlers)
    any NJP's or pg 11's
    recommendations from your instructors

    they won't take just anyone.K9 is a small elite group and they want squared away Marines,not ****bags. I have no NJP's or page 11's and i always put out 110% in everything I did bootcamp,MCT and MP school. This has to come from YOU it's all in how hard your willing to work to get it.

    to be an MP you must be physically fit, it is not uncommon to run 6,8,12 miles while at school and by the end of MP training i had legs like a horse!

    I reported to Lackland AFB San Antonio TX after graduation. I went home on recruiters assistance while waiting for my class to pickup. I just picked up yesterday and started training.

    your class is a interservice class.meaning it's not just Marines.your instructors and fellow students can be Navy,Army and Airforce. I have a Navy chief as my chief instructor and 2 Airforce SGT's. the other services do not pick there dog handlers out of Mp school,you must prove yourself as an Mp first before getting this chance. The Marine Corps does it different and picks it's handlers our of Mp school, though Marine Corps NCO's can still do SSD (specialized search dog) or K9 from the fleet if chosen.

    Today we got our "buckets". Basically your given an ammo can and that is your "dog". you have to name it,give it commands,correct it and put a leash and collar on it. it sounds ridicilous and trust me,it is. but it is a valuable training tool,if they just gave us dogs off the bat we would probably get bit. you need to establish raporte with the dog,a relationship and bond that proves that you two can work together.these dogs know the commands and are trained,it's all in if they respect you and are willing to listen to YOU and you have to establish that dominance.

    we practiced our "praise voices" today. This is the most high pitched,stupid sounding voice you can come up with.think of how women talk to babies,kinda like that. your dog LIVES for this voice,it's what he works for,hearing that voice and getting a pat on the head or scratch behind the ear makes it all worthwhile for him/her. your command voice and correction voice are short crisp and loud and dominant respectfully. this helps the dog distinguish between "ok i ****ed up" and "ok i did it right".

    These dogs are considered assets. "equipment" by the Marine Corps.they have there own serial numbers tattooed in there ears.but to a Handler they are so much more. they are a friend,a comrade in arms and a security blanket. The relationship between a Handler and his dog is like that of brothers. You will eat,sleep,fight and if necessary die for your brother, and he will do the same.

    I will update this thread as my training progresses,I want to give poolees/Marines the information that i so desperatly wanted when i was in the DEP but i could never find. Any questions you have please post them here,I check this site everyday after work and will anwser any questions as best I can or refer you to a site or another person if need be.

    for stories and some info on MWD's downrange and here in the states visit

    Semper Fidelis, PFC Walling
    I just finished MP school, and headed to Lackland this next weekend, is there any advice you have for me? Who were your instructors during MP school? My Ssgt, Ssgt. Mendoza gave me his knowledge from when he went through K-9 school, and is letting me copy it so I can get a head start while I'm in MATT.

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    What It Takes


    Treat me kindly, my beloved master, for no
    heart in all the world is more grateful
    for kindness than the loving heart of me.
    Do not break my spirit with a stick,
    for though I should lick your hand between the
    blows, your patience and understanding will
    more quickly teach me the things you would
    have me do.
    Speak to me often, for your voice is the
    world's sweetest music, as you must know by
    the fierce wagging of my tail when your
    footstep falls upon my waiting ear.
    When it is cold and wet, please take me
    inside, for I am now a domesticated animal,
    no longer used to bitter elements.
    And I ask no greater glory than the privilege of
    sitting at your feet beside the hearth.
    Though had you no home, I would rather
    follow you through ice and snow than rest
    upon the softest pillow in the warmest home
    in all the land, for you are my god and I am
    your devoted worshiper.
    Keep my pan filled with fresh water,
    for although I should not reproach you were it dry,
    I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst.
    Feed me clean food, that I may stay well,
    to romp and play and do your bidding, to walk
    by your side, and stand ready, willing and
    able to protect you with my life should your life be in danger.
    And, beloved master, should the great Master
    see fit to deprive me of my health or sight,
    do not turn me away from you. Rather,
    hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands
    grant me the merciful boon of eternal rest -
    and I will leave you knowing with the last breath I drew,
    my fate was ever safest in
    your hands.

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    yea my advice is,you better be squared away.there have been some problems with underage drinking and stuff lately and we JUST got off cinderella liberty this weekend. I hope you have a 1st class PFT because K9 PT is no joke. you'll probably go home on ptad (recruiting assistance) since the wait to pickup is a month or more.we got 5 on ptad right now that don't pickup until sometime in march. I'm outta here march 5th so i'll only be here for a short time while your here. Can you tell me how many your bringing with you? what day your getting in? ssgt mendoza was in my humvee during the field week,some of the instructors here know him too.

    also when you get here,DO NOT STEP ON THE ROCKS OUT FRONT! there is a memorial out front to fallen K9 Marine Sgt Cann and that is hallowed ground.

    I had Sgt Clarkin,Ssgt Prather and Ssgt Snyder.

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    thats cute and all but that prayer doesn't really apply to MWD's since they can endure the hardships of a deployment and don't need a warm fire to sit by.

    A K-9 PRAYER
    Trust in me, my friend, for I am your comrade.
    I will protect you with me last breath.
    When all others have left you
    and the loneliness of the night closes in,
    I will be at your side.
    Together we will conquer all obstacles
    and search out those whom might wish harm to others.
    All I ask of you is compassion,
    the caring touch of your hands.
    It is for you that I will unselfishly give my life
    and spend my nights unrested.
    Although our days together
    may be marked by the passing of the seasons,
    know that each day at your side is my reward.
    My days are measured by
    the coming and going of your footsteps.
    I anticipate them at every opening of the door.
    You are the voice of caring when I am ill;
    the voice of authority when I’ve done wrong.
    Do not chastise me unduly,
    for I am your right arm,
    the sword at your side.
    I attempt to do only what you bid of me.
    I seek only to please you and remain in your favor.
    Together you and I shall experience
    a bond only others like us will understand.
    When outsiders see us together
    their envy will be measured by their disdain.
    I will quietly listen to you
    and pass no judgment,
    nor will your spoken words be repeated.
    I will remain ever silent,
    ever vigilant, ever loyal.
    And when our time together is done
    and you move on in this world,
    remember me with kind thoughts and tales,
    for a time we were unbeatable.
    Nothing passed among us undetected.
    If we should meet again on another street
    I will gladly take up your fight.
    I am a Military Working K-9 and together
    We are guardians of the night.

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    Twice, in '68, and '69, our Company had Tracker Dogs, with handlers, who were Sniper trained. SCARY COMBO!! Don't know if that set-up is still going, but....I wouldn't FVCK with those men....or Dogs!!.....DOC

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    good poem much better then my post do you know where ur going to be stationed ?

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    not yet, I find out next week.we certify march 3rd and graduate march 5th.

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    Good luck... How many different types of dogs do the marines work with?

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    all kinds,mainly german shepards and belgian malinois but labs and other kinds are used for there detection capabilities.

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    I have tried to post this 2 times

    Okay, I would LOVE that MOS but I would even be lucky to get into the Marine Corp. If you want details just PM me as I do not want to turn Cwallings thread into my problem story.

    Anyways onto my question:
    If I become an officer and be a Military Police officer could I still be a dog handler but an officer? If that makes any sense at all.



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