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    Hey Marines
    I wanted to know where i can get any knowledge of my email account i finally got on Marine online and wanted to email one of my DI's that told us to stay in touch!
    please and thanks

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    I think you only get one for work, but I might be wrong. I've known comm and admin types that got them... When I got my new ID, they civilian told me my command had to issue me an address. Since I really couldn't care less I never asked..

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    Just use your civilian e-mail account to write to your old DI. Like PaidinBlood said, not all Marines get a military E-mail account. I was admin so I always had one, but when I was in FAST the only ones who had it were those of us in HQ and the platoon Sgts and platoon commanders.

    If I know Privates, then you probably have an old e-mail account like or
    or something.... just get something a little more professional (always a good idea anyways) and shoot an e-mail to the DI at his military acccount.

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    Hey you guys thanks for the help.
    Lol my email isn't that unprofessional but its rather "Old-School"
    plus it was my brother who had made it for me back in the day.
    Anyways thanks again i'll email him today

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