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    I'm back

    It feels damn good to be back and it feels way better to have earned the title United States Marine! I graduated with 3rd battalion Mike Company Platoon 3265. I wanted to thank every Marine on this site for the knowledge you share. I feel I was better prepared than most all of the other recruits when I stepped foot on MCRDSD. Special thanks to those who sent me mail because that definately got me through some of the days. Poolees you better listen up to the advice on here if you want to succeed at bootcamp.

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    Ohh-rahh! Congratulations Marine, if you picked up any rank you can edit it here. Enjoy your leave time.

    Semper Fi

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    Jordan my little brother!

    Welcome home Marine. I never had any doubts that you would be back with the title "MARINE" OOH RAHH

    Semper Fi

    Gunny out

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    Welcome home Marine! Glad to call you my brother.

    Semper Fi,


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    Thank you everyone for your responses. It feels damn good to hear from all of you

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    Congrats Marine, Semper FI.

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    Congrats, brother. We did it! 3262 here. Good job getting honor platoon, too!

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