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Thread: Weekend

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    Talking Weekend

    Hey guys just wanted to start a simple weekend thread. Basically what you are doing for the weekend, or what you wish you were doing lol. As far as this weekend for me I'm probably going to go out for a few beers, and then Im helping my dad at his work loading some Corn. Semper Fi and have a good weekend Marines.

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    Saturday morning: Three Quarter horses and one Arab stalled and scheduled for shoeing. Damascus, Oregon. Then it's lunch and an hour drive home for a nap.

    Saturday evening: No elimination 16 round speed chess tournament, two dollar entry fee, single high point player secures the jackpot, sudden death games in case of tie, often lasting until 0200. Coffee Time, Portland.


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    DVDs with the girlfriend then out and about.

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    Marine Free Member sparkie's Avatar
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    The Kingdom of Nye
    Quittin smokin and drinkin, Dr replacing that **** with valium,,,,,,,,,Wish me luck.

    Oh, Yea,,,,,, Christmas lights, too.

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    Talking to my Marine that's in SOI @ Pendelton- -he has a "night thing" tonight, so we'll talk tomorrow. Saturday night is the HOG Christmas Party at the VFW. The one night I find a desiginated driver so I will mix my meds with liberal amounts of JD.

    Semper Fi, Brothers and Sisters!!

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    I plan to try to stay out of everybodies hair this weekend. Sometimes it's good to go solo every once and awhile. Some televised football games, Florida vs Alabama for one, and a couple of cold ones might fill the bill.
    Enjoy your valium, Sparkie. I enjoyed my 5mg.

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    Yeah, valium is good but, not as good as 200mg of Zoloft a day. Makes me feel like this

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    Here ya go Sparkie

    The wife was on my case to get the Christmas lights up for a couple of weeks.

    They're up now, and for some reason she won't talk to me?

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    I have Reserve Duty this weekend . Saturday Some classroom stuff then Sunday I am instructing some new guys on changing a propeller .We have one that's leaking so this is a good opportunity for training.

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    first thing sat.put three round bails in the feeders for the horses.help my son-inlaw tow in the front end of his truck ( help as in show him how) then clean the shop out
    sunday ..start hauling horses to the sale ring for a friend...has about 150 to sell so that will most likely drag on into late monday...horse sales are the second tusday of every monthe in missoula...wish i had a few bucks to spare...he has quite a few nice colts...and horses are down$$$ lots of people seling because of the cost of hay
    most of these will probubly end up on some french mans plate....still wateing for the buffs to leve the park...

    be safe good people

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    Rocky Mount,NC
    I hear ya Montana. The price of horses here has bottomed as well. A lot of killer buyers around the lots.
    Mine started yesterday when I got home from my run. Went to girlfriends house and watched Hancock then just chilled for a while.
    Today I'll hit the gym, run 5, go to my sisters for her Christmas Party. The woman and I are gonna take our rug rats, her two and my two to see some huge drive threw Christmas light display.
    Sunday church, watch football and go to some friends for a get together. I'm sure the lil lady will turn up Sunday to.
    You all have a great weekend.

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    It's cookie making/baking day in Alpha1's residence. Got to make ready to feed the mail and delivery men for that little extra they bring forth, and for the kids and grandkids. . . . .not to mention Mr. and Mrs. Alpha1.

    The house is going to smell great today! Bundle up Marines, it's going to be a cold winter.

    Semper Fi

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    I will be keeping you safe.

    LOL, by keeping you safe I mean hanging out watching a live TV showing of UF beat Alabama in the SEC championship game at midnight Dec. 7th local time in a commandered Iraqi motor vehicle garage.

    Thats really all I have planned for this weekend.

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    Going drinking at Seiville Quarter with a friend from high school in Alaska and her Air Force jock-strap of a husband, hopefully not beating some civilians face in and maybe making it back to the barracks tonight.....maybe

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    Working on my finals projects. Man, being a college kid sucks....

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