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    Why is the first letter of every word capitalized?

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    Zach: How old are you? If you are old enough to get into the services, I suggest you listen to your dad. From some of the comments you have made I think you need some more regular schooling. The Corps Boot Camp will be the hardest thing that you will attempt to accomplish. Dont join the Corps unless you have the guts to survive what will be the biggest challenge in your life

    ...Semper Fi...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach Tyler View Post
    So I Am Interested In Joining The Marine Corps. Score High And Get A
    Laid Back Guessing.. Where I Will Hopefully Have A Little More Time For School. Now My Other Option Is The Airforce Because They Have A Lot More Time For Education. Though I Need To Build Self Discipline Big Time.. My Dad Is A Former Marine For 11 Years..he Was Infantry. .anyway He Told Me That I Will Enjoy The Marines For The First 6 Or 7 Months But Then The Rest Is Going To Be Busy As Hell And You Will Be Working Constantly With Little Time To Do Any School. I Mean Does It Get That Busy?? My Main Reason More The Military Is Education! I Want To Be An Actor, Pssycologist And A Musician, Can I Be All Of Those?? And If I Join The Airforce Somehow Ill Be Happier Later On Like 2 Years In..but With The Marines Ill Be Mad 2 Years In.. Im So Stuck Right Now =/
    Suggestion: If you want education go to school. If you want a laid back job, stay a civilian. If you want self-discipline, how can you expect someone else to give you that? It is SELF-discipline, not discipline. Find a reason to join, because you sound like a sissy. If that is true, this is not the job for you.

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    Sounds to me like either this is some bored Marine...or this kids dad should have shot him into a kleenex while he still had the chance haha. i didn't know "dear chili" was stilled talked about lol. I read that and I was rolling. I just want to say thank you to whomever posted this...gave me the best laugh I've had here in Iraq yet.

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    i didn't know "dear chili" was stilled talked about lol.
    Yep Covey...."Dear Chili" is right up there tied with the "BANANA KING"

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    And it's BACK!!! ahhhh the classics...these are the reasons I keep coming back to this site. Always seems to put a smile on my face...or bring back interesting memories haha.

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    GO ARMY -The Air Force does not want people like this either!

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    All hail the Banana King!!!!!!

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