Getting a Tat while in DEP
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    Getting a Tat while in DEP

    What's the procedure if a poolee wanted a Tat while in the DEP? I've searched for a similar question by the way and couldn't find anything that answers this question.

    My good friend - who's been by my side through the good times and the bad times - and I were talking about getting a tattoo that we'd both have before I go to boot. I'm wondering if this would hinder any process for going to boot camp? I have one tattoo already and got a waiver for it easily, so it wasn't a problem...

    I don't know what the tattoo I'd get would be, but it wouldn't be gang related or any **** like that.

    So my question is: would it be a bad idea to get a tattoo now that I'm in the DEP, or would it not be a problem? Any insight is appreciated.

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    Well I know the regulations were changing just before I got out. I would advise you not to get Marine Corps related tattoo before bootcamp. The drill instructors will ride your ass for it. Also I would not get any tattoo that can be seen outside of a short sleeve shirt. Just FYI!

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    I searched before creating this topic but couldn't find anything related... searched a couple more times and finally found something. Thanks for the replies.

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    They told me at MEPS that you CAN NOT get a tattoo and that you will not be going to boot if you decide to get one, i dont know if they were just saying that or if they really meant it, but i wouldnt test them because my liaison was a SSGT. and she scared the pizz outta me so im going to believe what she said.

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    From what I understand (I have 2 tattoos currently), that if you did get one, it will hinder your process because a tattoo waiver would need to be submitted, with statements from you about it not being gang related, etc. I was also told, not to get anymore tattoos while in the DEP and to wait until after bootcamp.

    I advise you to do the same. Come home from bootcamp a Marine, and then get one with your friend.

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    but i wouldnt test them because my liaison was a SSGT. and she scared the pizz outta me so im going to believe what she said.

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    LOL. Alright, well thanks for the advice Marines and poolees I guess I will be waiting to get this tat with my bro after I get home from boot, as a Marine. Thanks again for the replies.

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    My recruiter, as well as MEPS told me (and everyone else) to NOT get a tattoo during DEP. I would listen...wait until your done, it's not that much longer!

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    Wait a second, you and your friend want matching tatoos? Are you going to boot camp together, or is he not joining?

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    What is the fascination with tattoos among poolees...? They seem like the kind of thing you would get after a significant experience/journey, like being a Marine. Getting one right after or during high school is like counting chickens a bit early. Even if you don't get a USMC one, and let's say unfortunately you get get ELS in boot, then you have to find a new life direction/career that may void the whole tattoo thing. And then you have to black-and-decker it off or something.

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    A tattoo is not only for a "significant experience or journey". The two I have are rememberance tattoos for my in-laws who passed away three weeks apart in 2006. This was done as a symbol of the respect I had for them and for my wife.

    I would not classify this as a "significant experience, or journey" in any means. You're 18, and are just now allowed to get a tattoo without parental consent. Please, speak on a subject you are familiar with, with truth.

    Thank you.

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    Talking I love these threads

    I love these tattoos threads, lol it would be funny if I tried to reenlist with all of the tattoos that I got after I was out. I have a few that really can't be covered by a uniform. Then only uniform that I could cover all of them with would be the Dress Blues, and that would only happen cause the collar is high enough to cover the Semper Fi across my neck lol. I waited until I got out of the Corps to get some Moto Marine tats. I only posted the pics of three of them there is one more, but I cant upload a fourth lol.
    From Tattoos

    From Tattoos

    From Tattoos

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    Aww Crap. We are not supposed to get a tattoo in Dep. I ship out in 14 days and I just got a huge Eagle, Globe, and Anchor across my back. I sure hope the drill instructors like it.

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    I don't know about you guys but I definitely signed a paper agreeing not to get ANY tattoos while in the DEP... I signed it along with my actual enlistment papers. I would ask your recruiter.

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