Yet another dual-military situation :)
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    Yet another dual-military situation :)

    Hi everyone!

    I've read through just about every post regarding women wanting to join when they are married to the Corps but wanted some input on my situation..

    I was joining when I married my husband... I already had two dependents (one is 13, one is 4) and that was the path I had chosen.. I was medically DQ'd until I had some surgery but now that is out of the way and except for my 3 dependents (counting 1 AD spouse) everything is good to go..

    I've been in college for 3 years and almost have my Bachelor's in Mathematics.. The problem is there are no jobs.. anywhere.. So I'm kind of in a rut. I've spent so much time focusing on school because I thought it would be better to have only one parent in the service and now I have no hope of helping my husband support our family.. We are not assigned to any base because of his current duty so I'm not able to utilize all the resources they offer for job hunting and the area we live is considered a "tourist" area so that alone limits job choices.. We have a little less than a year here and then we should be moved back to the "real" Marine Corps. So who knows what I can find there, but from my searching I haven't been able to find anything near the bases we might be going..

    Alright, enough with the novel.. The reason I'm writing is because I want to hear any experiences (good and bad) that you all have had with dual-military.. Especially since I'd be an E1 or E2 and my husband is an E6.. How many problems will that create.. Also the other route is OCS.. What kinds of problems would that create?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Long shot that you'll reply since this is a post from several years ago, but I was wondering if you ever managed to join the USMC?

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