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    Please Answer

    I'm leaving in two weeks to MCRD San Diego. This Friday i went to a party. I went to the bathroom not knowing their was drugs at the party(duh). When i opened the door their was a cloud in the bathroom and i guess took some smoke. I immediately closed my mouth and took a leak right away and left even without washin my hands. What is the probability of a positive test popping out at MEPS for second hand smoke. Is their is a posibility is two weeks enough for second hand smoke. This was Friday and i'm leaving not this sunday but next. Please i need to know.

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    My only impulse here is to let ya sweat. Mebbe next time you'll be smarter than the **** yer workin' with.

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    I would say slim to none for popping positive. Distance yourself immediately from this crowd! Believe me you will not even want to be around these people after you earn the "Title".

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    Sorry but his kid is funny. Like those kids who stay away from eating bagels with poppy seeds. Hey kid maybe you should stay away from Coca Cola, or god forbid Chocolate. HAHA

    Just messin with ya.

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    First you need to find new friends.......

    Next it depends on the drug....

    Some can stay in your system for 48 hours, and some can last as long as 2 years.....

    You should ask Sixguns for the best advice to handle this situation...

    The Drifter

    Vietnam 1968/69
    Once a Marine...Always a Marine

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    It was weed. It was a prom after party. But u expect people to smoke outside, cause my friend specifically didn't allow drugs in his house but u always have the people who kill it.

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    I agree that you should sweat. However water will flush it out of your system. Stay away from these people. I had to ditch a bunch of my friends cause they were stoners and I don't want to deal with that

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    Cool WRONG........

    Water does not flush it out of you system...........Keep following these false rumors and I'll see you all in "THE CROSS BAR HOTEL."

    The Drifter

    Vietnam 1968/69
    Once a Marine...Always a Marine

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    It shouldn't stay in your system. Sir (Ssgt. Drifter) I am glad to say I need nothing flushed out of my system. I got away from that crud. Cheezballz I don't think it will be in your system

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    i'm lookin at stats online. I'm seeing different results.

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    Aww Kid

    Forget it, the Corps is going to test you as soon as you get off the bus.

    The best thing ou can do is dye your hair green to hide any reside from the grass that may still be there.

    Also, burn the clothes you were wearing that night, but they have drug sniffing dogs at the footprints at MCRD now, so, as soon as you get off the bus, they will be able to smell that stuff if its in you even if its been 6 weeks.

    But, they do have Naval waiver forms available right there, so you can transfer right into the US Navy, right there and then and there will be no questions asked.

    And oneof the first thing the D.I.'s ask now as soon as you get off the bus, is, if anyone has taken any drugs to step forward.

    Another thing is, if you have ever told an ethnic joke, they will immediately dismiss you for that.

    But when they asked me, I asked if "polluck jokes," counted and the drill instructor said, no, so I was able to stay.

    Good luck

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    ROTF, Sparrowhawk, you are ****ing cold! LMAO!!

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    I was at a party nine days ago, when my friends all started smoking pot. I didn't give in to the peer pressure. I didn't smoke any. But I did stay and hang around with them, and I think I got a little "contact buzz" from the second hand smoke. I'm in the military and have a random drug test tomorrow. Will second hand smoke show up in pee tests?? Please help me.

    Thank You


    Attention! It's past tomorrow, so you either passed or failed your drug test. But for future reference, second-hand marijuana smoke -- buzz producing, or not -- can show up on urine tests, but it will only produce a positive result in the first day or so after breathing in the smoke. And, by the way, that smoke would have to be so thick that it would irritate the eyes of both smokers and passive smoke breathers. Hair testing (which is rarely done because the reliability of its results is not as well established as for results from urine tests) can give information about someone's drug use over a longer time period -- say a month or so, rather than just a few days (for most drugs), or a few weeks (with heavy marijuana smoking, for example). One problem with hair testing is the possible effect that ethnic differences have on the likelihood of a drug being deposited in the hair strand.

    There's more on this subject in Marijuana: How long does it hang out in the body? in Alice's Alcohol & Other Drugs archives.


    March 20, 1998

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    So it looks like you'll be safe, eh?

    From a wannabe to a poolee ... you've chosen a tough path. Nothing about it is easy, and I haven't even signed any papers yet. Some things you'll have to leave behind, friends that use drugs being one of them.

    Good luck at boot camp.

    Best wishes,

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    Cheezballz....first....ya need to find new friends....

    Don't go all defensive on us. We're ****in' with ya and ya have it comin'.

    We're tryin' to make damn sure ya learn this lesson the first time.

    If ya hae been tokin', yer dog-****ed and ya did it to yerself. If ya haven't...mebbe you'll get by with it.

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