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    Our Commandant

    Well Gents, last night our battalion had our annual Marine Corps Birthday Ball. I got a chance to meet our Commandant, General Conway, and get a picture taken with him. He was an extremely nice man and had a great sense of humor...how many of you other Marines have had a chance to meet General Conway?

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    He came to talk to us in Norfolk when I was with FAST about a month or two after he had been made the Commandant. Great man. I also met General Hagee and SgtMaj Estrada once. But the coolest was when I got a chance to have lunch with General Nyland, the former ACMC, in Okinawa. I was a boot Lance Corporal and just kept my mouth shut the whole time. I had never seen a one-star before, let alone have lunch with a four-star!

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    I got to meet the previous Commandant over in Afghanistan. We provided him with a lift to Salerno and Kabul. Very nice guy. Got the obligatory crew photo and his coin. I still think he got a raw deal from SecDef.

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