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    Actually you already insulted your own intelligence so just quit while you're behind

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrod32 View Post
    maybe ur a lil right scottie, i should have been more respectful but i say what i feel, and that is what i felt.
    p.s. i spell "doosh" how i want to, it's in an acronym for my own special meaning, so please don't insult my intelligence.
    Don't tell me you're disrespecting a Marine?

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    Please stop hijacking my thread. This is about me and my recruit and the friendly, helpful and knowledgeable Marines and Marine family who have contributed. You are none of the above. There is a whole board for poolees. Go there. Thank you.

    Last edited by thedrifter; 11-18-08 at 07:19 AM. Reason: RESPECT>>>YOUR A GUEST ON THESE BOARDS TOO

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    wow you are a total joke, ya you have something i yearn for the; EGA, and i respect you for that, but don't act like that makes all high and mighty scottie boy, don't use the title to get on your high horse, what a joke. but ne ways i'm an not on this site to cyber argue with anyone ecspecially you scottie boy. so im going to leave this site to dono so he can get the information he is looking for. good luck in your career, i hope everything works out for you in your future and congrats on becoming a Marine.

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    Don't refer to it as an EGA...that's disrespectful to those who have earned the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. And as for you, good luck in your future as well...maybe someday you'll earn the title as well. And if you're not interested in arguing with someone, don't insult people anymore. Respect is a virtue, you'll learn it in the Marine Corps, if you make it that far.

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    Also, Dono, I apologize for your thread being carried off on a tangent. I wish your son the best of luck in his journey throughout the Marine Corps

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    It's OK Scottie. Actually, it's a good illustration of what kind of material the Corps is getting to work with these days. I'll share that my son is discouraged about the seeming low level of motivation he's seeing in his platoon. Granted, only week four, but, he says he's done with trying to help the slackers with bad attitudes. He getting his own stuff nailed down and trying to help those who want the same. I told him to hang in and maybe the light will click on at some point down the road.

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    Amen to that!!! Like I have said many times, the DIs are nothing short amazing

    Graduation Day is the second greatest day of a Marine Parent's life; Second only to the day your Marine was born.

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    I understand what your son is talking about, dono. It's going to get a lot better for him. The worst time for me was right around the third or fourth week and it was for the same reasons...hardly any motivation within the platoon since everyone was homesick. After the fourth week we started field training and rifle qualification which is the funnest part of boot camp. It's only going to get better for him from here on out

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    During my sons time at Boot Camp I received only one discouraging letter and believe it or not, it was for generally the same reason as your sons. The platoon was overall homesick as well as physically sick with everything from pink eye to strep throat.... After a week or so of being un-motivated and sick they all seemed to bounce back and really started working as a team. My son said after that, the time started to fly and before he knew it, it was time for the Crucible.

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    This must be very common. My son had a lot of compliants during Phase One that some in the Platoon would not pull their own weight. It passed though and they became very close.

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    When I look at my own letters from boot camp (my parents saved all of mine) I found it funny. The week before rifle range I was depressed I had been on light duty that whole week for cellulitus (I didnt have it bad, it just wasnt clearing up turns out my body is 100% resistent to rephrampryn the drug given to clear up cellulitus) anyways in one letter I begged my parents to come up with any excuse to get me home (at that point I was getting dogged pretty hard by the DIs and recruits for being on light duty) I'm pretty ashamed of that letter actually and I dont remember exactly what happened but my next letter was very upbeat I was motivated and had decided to change from being a Marine Reservist to Active Duty (got it finalized the last week of boot camp) So about the end of first phase and the beginning of second phase, recruits go through more emotions than a pregnant lady who is self concious about her belly being big.

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    Good insight from all. That bit about changing from Reservist to Active reminded me that I have some concerns in that area. In fact I mentioned it to our recruiter who I saw yesterday. He suggested that I remind my son what his ultimate goal is - to be a Marine Corps officer.

    Anyone else have the experience of switching from Reserve to Active while at boot?

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    dono, i remember my son saying the same thing about some recruits lack of moto. he also said that it all changes in SOI .training in SOI was very tough and was what he was looking for in boot.if you couldnt hack it you were gone

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    Keep in mind that the whole purpose of boot camp is to make basically trained Marines. The drill instructors are still in the process of breaking down the recruits and making them understand that they can not succeed as individuals. It takes them a month and some change to weed out the bad apples and make everyone come to the realization that they need to watch out for that recruit on their left and right just as much as themselves. Usually by the 5th or 6th week, they'll get in a groove and start to figure it out. Just let your son know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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