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    Great to hear!!! He sounds like he's handling everything well and not taking anything to personally.

    Hi can promise that he'll be ready to get rid of that rifle at the end of

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    Quote Originally Posted by dono View Post
    The letters are coming pretty regularly - more than I expected. Says he LOVES drill and carrying the weapon. Always hungry and not enough time at chow. Our recruiter called me last night just to check in. I liked hearing from him. I haven't gotten any whining or griping, which makes me proud that he's dealing with things as they are. Next week is their Swim Week.
    The memories,lol, we had times in boot camp when the DI'S jump on the tables and said get out of my chow hall and times you had the tray in your hands and they screamed get out, could it have been weight control?

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    Letter today said they got steak, shrimp. cake and pie on MC birthday and he's figured out getting chow with an eye to how fast it can be consumed. Chicken wings - No. Rice - Yes.

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    Yeah, it didn't take me long to figure that one out. Basically get stuff that didn't have bones or foods that require cutting. Baked chicken versus hamburger steak...gotta go for the hamburger steak. I did get in trouble once for cutting my food with my fork though. I didn't use a knife on a regular basis until boot camp and I still don't.

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    We weren't allowed to use two hands in the chow hall until third phase so whenever I had a piece of meat it was usually too tough to cut with a fork so I'd have to stick my fork in the middle and eat around it.

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    He's not mentioned the one-hand thing; but did say "Feet flat on the floor at a 45 degree angle; chest to the table; bring the chow to your mouth, not your disgusting fat face to the chow!"

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    Already have nine family and friends planning to come. It could end up being 16 to twenty. We could need a minimum of four rooms and as many as seven or eight. I need suggestions / guidance on where to stay. I've heard of the Osprey Inn on base - that it can be booked only 15 days in advance.

    Ahould I just find hotels / motels in Beaufort and inquire with them?

    Some of us will be coming on Wednesday and the rest on Thursday. I volunteered to try to coordinate arrangements and I'm looking for help.

    I posted w/o looking over the rest of the forum, so forgive me if the info is already here. But, I like my data as fresh as I can get it. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    I've got some lines on places to stay for graduation. We received TWO letters today. He's the only original squad leader left and was expressing some dissatisfaction with the motivation of some in his platoon. Said he LOVED the obstacle course. He begins thinking about noon chow right after breakfast.

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    There's no need to get disrespectful mrod32...know your place around here. Also, if you're going to insult someone, at least spell it right. The word is "douche" you sound even more like a moron when you spell it like an idiot. Friggin poolees

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    LOL Scottie!

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    Actually you already insulted your own intelligence so just quit while you're behind

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrod32 View Post
    maybe ur a lil right scottie, i should have been more respectful but i say what i feel, and that is what i felt.
    p.s. i spell "doosh" how i want to, it's in an acronym for my own special meaning, so please don't insult my intelligence.
    Don't tell me you're disrespecting a Marine?

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    Don't refer to it as an EGA...that's disrespectful to those who have earned the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. And as for you, good luck in your future as well...maybe someday you'll earn the title as well. And if you're not interested in arguing with someone, don't insult people anymore. Respect is a virtue, you'll learn it in the Marine Corps, if you make it that far.

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    Also, Dono, I apologize for your thread being carried off on a tangent. I wish your son the best of luck in his journey throughout the Marine Corps

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    It's OK Scottie. Actually, it's a good illustration of what kind of material the Corps is getting to work with these days. I'll share that my son is discouraged about the seeming low level of motivation he's seeing in his platoon. Granted, only week four, but, he says he's done with trying to help the slackers with bad attitudes. He getting his own stuff nailed down and trying to help those who want the same. I told him to hang in and maybe the light will click on at some point down the road.

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