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    dono i have been to iraq 3 times i kinda know the lay of the land in the areas i was in... shoot me a pm if you want my cell and home number i will be more than willing to talk to you about how things were over there and what my friends tell me its like as of now.... tell your son i said Semper Fidelis and keep your head down Devil Dog

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    Quote Originally Posted by commdog7 View Post
    You should be careful what you post. On the internet, you can never be too sure who is watching. I remember on my deployment to Iraq, that's something that my command stressed on us- not to give out our deployment dates. It's some detail terrorists are very interested in.

    Good luck to your son. Iraq really isn't as bad as the media makes it sound.
    Understood. This info is published in the local newspaper. If a mod wants to delete it, that's fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dono View Post
    Understood. This info is published in the local newspaper. If a mod wants to delete it, that's fine.
    It's published in the local paper!!! That's a pretty serious security risk... I just hope terrorists aren't smart enough to open the daily newspaper....

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    It's common for all the Guard and Reserve units that have been activated and deployed from this area to have the news published in the local media. I do understand the need for security. If I have unknowlingly violated, someone please ping the mods to have posts removed.

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    Have received word that his company arrived safely. Are housed in 2 or 4 man cans (air conditioned).

    Hoping for an email or a phone call.

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    First email received. He's in a tent waiting for a can to become available. Quote: "the chow hall is amazing"

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    Received another nice email. He's doing good - had a full day of work, loading trucks and driving around. It was a good move on his part to get that driving cross training at 29 Palms.

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    Sounds like he's getting into a routine there. Last night he said he had

    brace yourselves

    internet duty. From 0000 until 0800. I didn't get a lot of detail, beyond he also had approved access to another computer which he was using to communicate with me via facebook.

    One question - When I asked if he was getting sleepy, he replies "two words - sunflower seeds"

    What does that mean?

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    Not to worry Dad, it simply means that falling asleep with a mouth full of sunflower seeds is just about impossible. If it happens the choking will wake you up most of the time. Internest duty has taken the place of "phone watch" in many commands. Glad to hear that the Marine has adjusted well to the life.

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    Sounds like hes getting settled in nicely, there Dad. I'm sure you'll get more communications from him as he settles in more. Best of luck to your Marine.

    Semper Fi,

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    Iraq sure has changed since I been there....

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    Been a while since I posted. Ben's deployment is winding down. He expects to return to Pendleton in a month, spend some time there and then back home. He was unclear about deactivation - he did mention that he might be back in Tennessee on active status for a time.

    His daily routine has been, well, routine. 8 hour shifts on duty with the rest of the day free. He did get selected for some extra duty when the Commondant visited recently. It was good duty; and I guess that's all I need to say about that.

    I stay in touch with him via Facebook and skype. He called home on Christmas Day.

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    Sounds Good! Seems like hes made a very good impression there. Outstanding. Hope you get to see your Marine soon, Dad.

    Semper Fi and Happy New Year!

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    Back home

    The Marine returned home on 19 Feb at app 1700 - in outstanding condition. The deployment was shortened by a couple of months. His unit will hear on tomorrow about the duration of their activation.

    Once again, it is an awesome thing to see the change in him. They took a good boy and sent home a fine man!

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