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    Was your son with 3/24? Had a bunch of buddies with them that just got back too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silentwarrior17 View Post
    Was your son with 3/24? Had a bunch of buddies with them that just got back too.
    He was. But he attached to an H & S company out of St Loius while he was over there.

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    Dono.... how is your Marine?

    I have a son in MCRD SD. I enjoyed reading the 17 pages, and wondered how your son is doing since your Feb. 10 post

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    Quote Originally Posted by dono View Post
    OK. Here goes. We received the form letter with address on Wednesday. There is space for a note and he wrote, "I'm guide."

    I told that to a Marine I work with and he rather dismissed it. Said, "One day the DI hired and fired the guide every two hours." Our recruiter, otoh, was very pleased and excited when I told him about it.

    So, I guess I need to ask what gives with this? How is that position assigned? What is the job description?
    The guide is the head recruit. He is in charge and leads other recruits, but not in the same sense that the drill instructors do. Yes, he can get hired and fired in less than two hours time. Drill Instructors see leadership qualities in folks and assign them jobs. If they handle it...good, if not, they get fired. I was a squad leader for 10 minutes. Scratched my nose in a school circle and got fired. No big deal as I was already the HOUSE MOUSE and had enough to do with that job.

    Those who do well at guide end up with a stripe out of basic for sure. It can be a pain in the ass job. I never was one. We had a giant kiss ass for our guide in bootcamp. 20 months out I saw the same guy in Korea and I was a stripe ahead of him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DIUSMC View Post
    Mailing anything to a Marine Recruit is a bad idea, very bad idea. You have to trust the fact that the Marine Corps is giving thier recruits everything that they are going to need to get through the training. The "package" from home makes the sender feel like they are helping but they are not. When they are in the FMF trust me ALL packages from home will be appreciated much more.
    WE used to do ten pushups for letters written on the outside of the mail we would get from our girlfriends that was not "address" related. For me I got 140 pushups when my girlfriend wrote on the back, "I love you so much".

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    Quote Originally Posted by dono View Post
    I understand that recruits have the choice to attend chapel. And that Sunday is not counted as a training day. But, beyond that, is Sunday different from the rest of the days?

    Sunday was "fukk-fukk" day for my platoon after we came back from the chapel. If you were atheist, you got fire watch until everyone else got back from the chapel. Generally no training except PT organized on the quarterdeck by the duty drill instructor who got bored. Our worst Sunday was the one where we had lost the initial drill competition in the most prolific way- butt naked last of all the platoons in our series. After chapel and lunch it was on....7-8 recruits on the quarterdeck at a time doing PT, slugging down canteens of water until we puked, and then doing it again once it was our turn...from after lunch until just before dinner. We WON final drill...hell yes we did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonbon View Post
    I have a son in MCRD SD. I enjoyed reading the 17 pages, and wondered how your son is doing since your Feb. 10 post
    Thought I might just post an update on my Marine's current status. Has now three years in and just picked up Corporal. Has begun process for PLC - completed initial PFT and testing last week. He applied for Aviation

    He's in second year at the local university, with about a 3.8 GPA and working two jobs. Has his own apartment and a paid off car and motorcycle.

    Pretty good for a 21 year old, I gotta say. About a million miles ahead of me when I was 21.

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    Got word that he is accepted for PLC. First session at Quantico after semester end - in May I think.

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    First six week increment at Quantico completed. He ranked 4th in class - three other prior service finished ahead. But, he was pleased with 4th because he did not have to do anything for the graduation ceremony. He scored his first 300 pft and was really proud of that !

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    This thread is one of the best on this website. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and following your son's path into the Corps and sense your pride. Dad, congratulations on your son's achievement. It seems like he's going to be an excellent leader of Marines, one whom I would be pleased to be part of if I was much younger.

    Semper fi,
    Fair Winds and Following Seas

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    Thank you for those kind words. It was the Marines, of course, who made the thread what it is. Every question I asked was answered quickly with knowledge and a good helping of wit. It's ended up being exactly the kind of thing I began looking for on that first day that Ben told me "Dad, I want to be a Marine." And the credit is to the Marine Corps family. I knew a (very) little about the Corps. I know a little now. One thing I like to repeat came from a Marine I worked with.

    When I told him that Ben had completed recruit training he told me

    "You're part of the family now. You will find out what that means."

    I have found out a little about that and I get a little misty when I ponder it.

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    That is very true and like the other posters, "Welcome to our family." The Marine Corps is the smallest of the service branches, but we are the proudest. We will always be at your "Six."

    Semper fi

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    Dono, Thank you and the Marines, Marine Family Members and Marine Friends for posting these past few years. It's been inspirational for me to read about your journey along with your Marine.My son will be attending MEPS next week in Niagara Falls to officially become a "Poolee".
    I couldn't believe it when he told me he wanted to be a Marine. I wasn't diappointed by any means, just surprised. He has had a Marine Corps Flag hanging in his room for years, but I always thought it was a "passing phase". I asked him why he wanted to be a Marine, he looked me straight in the eyes like a man and said, "Because I want to make a difference." Then I asked, why the Marines? (again, no disappointment, just surprise) "Because they're the best. I want to be a part of the best." Sounds a little cheesy I know, but that's what he said. He's had several friends become Marines and I know he looks up to them and what they're doing with their lives.
    I can't even look at him now without seeing the man he's becoming and feeling an immense sense of pride in him. He's somehow different already; his character, the way he carries himself, the respect he gives his family and he still has another year of high school ahead of him. For the first time in his life, he knows exactly what he wants and he's going after it with his whole being. His recruiter has been incredible and a wealth of information and support for our family as well as a tremendous influence on my son.
    I'm looking forward to the journey we will take with our son. I couldn't be prouder of him and the decision he has made. Thank you again for your posts. I'm sure I'll continue to read them as they're sure to answer many of the questions I'll have along the journey. Otherwise, I'll be posting them on this site with the hopes of having the same type of support you've recieved from the folks here.
    Take care & God Bless. - Jeff

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    Hi Jeff

    It is gratifying to hear positive comments. Thanks for taking the time. Sounds like your son has the inner motivation to work toward the goal. If you are seeing him change now, you ain't seen nothing compared to what you see when you go to P. I. for Graduation Day. You MUST, at all costs, be there.

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    End of year update: Ben will be promoted to Sergeant in January. He's on track to graduate a semester early - December 2013. He's hoping this will get him an early slot for second increment OCS in Quantico. He's ramping up the PT including running - he really is not a lover of the running - I think being 6'3" with a size 14 foot has something to do with that.

    There's some talk of the unit deploying, but as an officer candidate, we gets exemption.

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