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    My friend Josh has told me that there is no such thing as too much mail, Don, and he's in the eighth week of training.
    At first it was hard and I thought, man, how am I gonna keep up mail enough (I send out six to eight letters a week) through the next 10 weeks -- I got the first letter from him two weeks in because obviously he sent the form letter to his mom.
    But I have found tons of stuff out there, questionnaires, jokes, inspirational quotes, motivational stories. I send him articles, news about college football (he's an Alabama fan and sports fan in general), and just tell him about what I'm up to. I've gotten into a rhythm where I write three days a week which generates two letters each time usually. In the last letter Josh sent he said the volume of mail was appreciated.

    There's a great thread in The Slop Chute section here on this board called Chuckles of the Day. I've been going through and copying and pasting (thedrifter finds some great jokes out there, thanks Ellie!) those jokes into a document file then printing them up.

    There's a couple other sites you might want to visit: and

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    Thanks for the post and the suggestions. I already snagged a couple for the current letter.

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    I remember my friend once sent me a letter and used a happy birthday postage stamp on the envelope. Man did I get hammered on the quarterdeck for that. It didn't matter my birthday was some 5 months away and well after graduation.

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    So far, I have only used "Liberty Bell" stamps. Hope the D.I.'s like the Liberty Bell!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dono View Post
    So far, I have only used "Liberty Bell" stamps. Hope the D.I.'s like the Liberty Bell!
    When I first bought stamps, the lady in the post office asked what kind of stamps I wanted, and I said 'the plainest, most basic stamps you've got.'

    So that got me a book of the Liberty Bell (aka "Forever") stamps which seems fine since those are the same stamps Josh is using on letters he's sending out.

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    Bake the drill instructors cookies and send them to your son! We had a recruit who's brother had been in the Marine Corps for 2 years already. He sent his brother brownies and they were addressed to the Drill Instructors with hugs and kisses! That kid didn't sleep for 3 days!

    On second though, just write him

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    We had one guy who received a letter that addressed to LCpl Joe Schmoe instead of Rec. He was on the quarterdeck for about 10 minutes and in the dirt pit outside for another 30.

    The Liberty Bell stamps should be fine. The happy birthday stamp just stood out and implied that my birthday might have been coming up and I received an early birthday present I suppose.

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    Speaking of birthdays - my recruit's was on Monday. He had strictly charged us tosend NO birthday cards. I did cut and paste a clip art cake on a letter, though.

    And speaking of brownies - I am a world class baker, if I do say so. But, I know way better than to be sending that stuff to boot camp.

    I do want my son to be happy to see me on 1/16 - Grad Day!

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    I said I would share updates. I'm not sure if all I know needs to be told. If this is out of line, I hope a moderator will delete it.

    Today is T8 - we got our second real letter and things are going well for him. He's getting my mail now. He did share that two recruits had experienced the UCMJ up close and personal. Article 91 and Article 86. One tried to run away and the other told a D.I. - "F you."

    My boy said, "Sucks to be them."

    He also sent a letter for me to deliver to his recruiter which I did.

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    I did have recruits in my platoon that received boxes of baked goods such as brownies and cookies. If you may want to send enough for the entire platoon. We did not get in any trouble for that but that really depends on the SDI and DIs.

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    Happy to hear things are going well for him. The letters will get better and better! January 16th will be here in no time and you will be so proud!

    Happy birthday to your son, my oldest had a birthday on Monday too.

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    First go with pugil sticks - he won both his fights and put his opponent on the ground in the second one. Says he's ALWAYS hungry. Has to eat last and has no time. I hope he's figured out some of the tips and tricks I read here about how to maximize the input. I'll have to find that again and include it in next letter out.

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    PM spam

    I don't know how to report abuse on this board. Maybe someone can help me. I know there is an "ignore" feature. But, here's someone who obviously has no connection that I care to make. I really like this board and would like to help keep it swept up from junk like this

    Here's the PM that just hit my inbox. (user name is seboni)

    Dearest one,
    How are you and your working activities?hope you are fine in good health condition.l felt greatly impressed and convince after going through your profile that is why l have decided to contact you.l have something very important and urgent which l will like to discuss with you and l will like you to contact me through my private email address ( ) l will send you my picture as well. Take good care of yourself and may God bless you.
    Savannah Eboni.

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    I just got one as well...she must be busy sending them to everyone...same message as you received. deleted...I hate spam!

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    Quote Originally Posted by marinemama View Post
    I just got one as well...she must be busy sending them to everyone...same message as you received. deleted...I hate spam!
    I found a way to contact the admin of the board "contact us" (duh) so I won't be cluttering up the threads like that with such nonsense any more.

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