General Discharge benefits
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    General Discharge benefits

    Without giving away too much info, I may be getting admin sept, and I have a good chance of leaving with a General Discharge. Unfortunatly, I made some stupid decisions, and I've been regreting them ever since. And I'm sure many of you are or have served honoralbly, but does anyone know the benefits of a GD?

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    WELL, after looking you up, your job description says ADMIN CLERK. If you work in ADMIN, wouldn't you know the benefits better than us?
    This isn't aimed at you, but I have no tolerance for Marines that signed the contract and end up messing themselves up and saying they regretted their bad judgement. It's not that hard to serve your term(s) honorably. You joined wanting to be the best right? Do you think you could make bad decisions and still be one of the best?
    .. ok maybe this was aimed at you.

    BigAl.. enjoy.

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    Oh we go. Popping popcorn now - T, you got the beer?

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    I've never, ever heard an Admin Clerk ask a question that they SHOULD at least know WHERE to find the answer to! Haven't you ever heard of the MARCORSEPSMAN???? Haven't you ever done an Admin Sep package? Haven't you ever ran one in UD/MIPS? Haven't you ever wanted to at least learn HOW, since as how you know, it is ADMIN CLERKS that do that.

    One of your regrets should be never learning your job, Marine.

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    If I remember correctly aren't there two types of General Discharge? One under honorable conditions and one under other than honorable conditions. I think that would mostly relate to benefits within the VA system. With that being said one of my best friends was discharged dishonorably after serving a term of confinement. He went to college, became a reporter and now is in law school about to complete his law degree. So the only thing in life that can stop you is you. This may alter your plans of your future after the Corps but you shouldn't let it stop you from achieving the goals you have set for yourself. I know you can petition for a change in discharge status but I think you have to wait at least a year and then you have to have a pretty good reason for why your discharge should be upgraded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marine84 View Post
    Oh we go. Popping popcorn now - T, you got the beer?
    No need to dig into your pockets ladies, I'll foot this tab......

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    Very Well Put Tjr. I Got Out With A General, Under Honorable Condtions. I Do Not Regret A Thing I Did. I Do Get V.a. Bennies. YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO STAND UP FOR THE WEAK I HAD THOUGHT.

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    Okay, I give. What VA Benefits is everyone talking about? I thought
    you only got bennies if you were service connected..i.e. wounded.

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    Wow I guess REMFS never f*ck up .

    "Take me to the Brig. I want to see the "real Marines". "
    Major General Chesty Puller, USMC - while on a Battalion inspection.

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    Of course now you have left it open to speculation on why you would be getting a general discharge. Couldn't have been that bad or you would be getting an OTH. Did you make some ID cards and falsify the birthdate? Are you fat? Did you get a tatoo on your forehead? Did you get caught shoplifting at the PX? Did you barrow a humvee and take it for a joy ride? Did you have a boyfriend over to the barracks for a wild night of fudge packing? Did you give someone free leave by not entering it into the log book? Did you get drunk and break into the chow hall and make yourself a peanut butter sandwich? Did you put on lieutenant bars so you could get head of the line at the barber shop? Did you put yourself in for comrats even though you live in the barracks? The list is endless .... what did you do?

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    Sgt. Bulkyker that isn't a personal list is it? LOL

    The VA benefits I am talking about are many, the most important two things in my book would be my GI bill and VA home loan. Also I think the ability to be rated wirth a service connected disability is dependent on your discharge (although I could be wrong on that).

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    I popped, simple as that.

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    obviously not so simple.

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