Being Chosen to be on the Silent Drill Platoon
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    Being Chosen to be on the Silent Drill Platoon

    Excuse me, but i was looking all over for how to be chosen for the Silent Drill Platoon and there isnt much, except the you need and 03 MOS. I am praying the i can serve my country and may have the honor of being a Riflemen in the United States Marine Corps. I was wondering if any Marine has been or is on the Silent Drill Platoon could tell me what i can do to hopefully be in that Platoon when i become a Marine. Thank you very much for your inputs.

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    Immediately upon graduating Infantry School there were a few folding tables with chairs set up, each manned by a SNCO and his little admin helper. When i got to the front of a table he looked me over and said: Your ID say's 6ft 190lbs? Yes SSgt. Well you may be 6ft but your not 190! No, i cut weight in boot camp, SSgt. 'what do you weigh now? About 170? Okay disappear, next!


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    So there is a height and weight requierment?

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    There's a height and weight requirement for damned near everything.

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    You have to make it through our beloved boot camp first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skv2 View Post
    So there is a height and weight requierment?
    You have to be at least 6ft.

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    Finish boot camp first and see if you still like drill. Not only do you have to love drill, but you must be good at it in order to be on the silent drill platoon. I wouldn't worry about it too much right now. Take one thing at a time...get through boot camp first.

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    When I was Orders Clerk at SOI(E) I did the prescreening for The Silent Drill Team. Yes, there was a height and weight requirement and you had to be an 0311. I would send a list, and the team would come down during a class and watch them drill. It wouldn't happen every class. Usually out of 10 - 15 screened only 1 or 2 would be selected. They wouldn't let the class know they were screening, so it was like hitting the lotto when the orders were passed out and it read 8th & I.

    They practice all the time. Eat, sleep, drink and pi$$ drill. If you have the height work on drill. You can't be a spas either. You have to stay cool under pressure can't flinch. If that rifle is coming straight for your grape, you get hit in the grape. Get hit a couple of times, you donít get hit in the grape no more.

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    I do not believe you have to be 6 foot tall. I recently attended my friends SOI graduation in which afterwards he shipped off to 8th & I since he was selected for the Silent Drill Platoon. If anything he is 1/2 of one inch taller than me and I'm only 70 inches tall (well, not quite, but enough that the Corps rounds it up).

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    I heard you could be waved if you were not Infantry. 29 Palms California

    Last edited by chriskapatrick; 11-09-08 at 03:28 PM. Reason: I want to joined the silent drill platoon.

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    I was inspected at boot, right after the crucible. I met the height requirement at 6' 3" but I was only 162 lbs.

    I USED to love drill, but god I hate it now. I can't stand being marched around like boots, though I am one!


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    First, there is no waiver. If you're not a grunt it isn't going to happen.

    There is a height and weight requirement. There are minimum and maximums, the routine simply wouldn't look right with Marines of drastically different sizes. I cannot find the information about the requirements, but if memory recalls it was 6'0 to 6'4 for the height, but I don't know if that is still correct or if I'm wrong to begin with.

    Everyone I know that was ever a part of it hated it. The travel schedule is pretty rough, and people can only tolerate so much drill in their lives. When it becomes your life it isn't so much fun. And don't forget that when you do hit the fleet, the Marines there will look down on you for having skated for a couple of years. You'll have the rank and seniority of Marines that may have one or two combat tours under their belt and all you've learned to do is spin a rifle.

    That said, if it is for you, then it is for you. Some people are just wired different and like that sort of thing.

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    No Idea about height or weight, but i do know that my class at SOI was not screened at all, though the one ahead of mine was, not sure as to why, but we are the first class of the fiscal year, possibly that has something to do with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echo_Four_Bravo View Post
    the Marines there will look down on you for having skated for a couple of years.
    Skate? hehehe drilling the grinder all day for months just to qualify, tedious weapons/uniform maintenance and inspections. Travel, practice, performing, travel, practice etc... I would not welcome that but can't feature it a skate

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    Hahaha, I'll agree with the Slinger on this one!

    It wasn't easy for final drill in boot! I can't imagine having to be better than that! *shudder*

    Semper Fi!

    Ps. I need to be promoted to PFC on the site. I was meritoriously promoted at SoI (I was honor grad.). Thanks mods.

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