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    Fitness Report Question

    Well my little brother leaves for San Diego next week and the little chit decided to enlist for 5 years instead of the original 4. Since I cannot have him ever call me a boot if he is in longer than me, I decided to hang up college life and make a career out of the Corps (I was kidding myself thinking I would ever find another job that satisfies me the way the Corps does).

    My question: I picked up Sergeant on terminal leave and thus never received a Fit Rep from my command. How will this affect my re-enlistment and more importantly my overall progress towards SSgt? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated Devils.

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    You back off terminal now? Depending on how long you were on terminal for, you may have a "period of non-availabilty" put on your fit-rep. If so, it needs to be explained. It won't hurt you at all. Of course if you did the unthinkable by dropping your pack prior to going on terminal, that may come back to haunt you, but otherwise you are good. No need to worry about that.

    At my 10 year mark, I decided I had enough (I was on Recruiting Duty at the time, half way through) and went on terminal. I came to my senses and came back to work. Had 7 days of non-avail on my fit rep. Picked up SSgt first look and Gunny first look. You're good.

    Gunz out ~

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