USMC dress cover.
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    USMC dress cover.

    Being a former Marine I'm looking for a white dress cover.However,I've not found one exactly as I want it,i.e. like those worn by the Marines on the Silent Drill Team.Size 6 3/4 or 6 5/8.I'd appreciate your assistance!
    Semper Fi !

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    I would guess they would be wearing the white vinal covers. I wish i could help you out as for ordering online, but i don't have first hand experience with anyone online. I know for a fact that they are sold at Lejeune, PI, any Marine Corps base if you are close to them. They sell them "premade" in these places. Meaning the vinal cover already on the frame.

    You might try this site for online orders of one.

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    check out the Marine shop. possibly just a standard barracks cover with the Sea Duty Dip in it.

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    that's where I got my Dress Cover from. Get Kingform Cap, it's really good.

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    Maybe Sgt Grit has the cover for you,try it out..

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    USCCUSTOMER SERVICE or 1-800-368-4088 you will also need your DD-214 cheapest place I have found, Semper FI.

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    Try EBAY

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    Nope.. no white vinyl.. they wear the linen shell. I know cause Dev is constantly building covers cause they have to be squeaky clean.

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    STILL NEED HELP!!I have yet to find a dress cover like those worn by the Marines at 8 & I.See the cover on the cover(!)of Leatherneck Magazine,July 2009.That's what I need!

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    My application failed!All info was correct.Now what?

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    ummm are you enlisted???

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    I was enlisted 30 years ago.

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    All Marines at 8th & I wear cloth covers, and we build them ourselves to specifications. It's just a regular cover like we'd pick up at the PX.

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    I understand that they're standard covers.However,the way that the 8&I Marines "style" their covers give them a superior look.How do they do it?

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