CIB in Danang; Press Center
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    Thumbs down CIB in Danang; Press Center

    Looking for anyone (press, combat corresp, combat photag or Sea Tiger editor) who was at the CIB station in Danang from March 1968 to 1969 ??

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    I was stationed at CIB from August/Sept 1968-69. Write me at

    The last six months or so I was asst. ed of the Sea Tiger.

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    Cool...Sea Tiger editors.

    I'm not sure how I managed to bring my only copy home:
    "Vol II, No. 22, III MAF Vietnam, June 28, 1966"

    The front page article is the Jimmy Howard recon mission/Sparrow Hawk Op.
    Also a specific article about my unit (W/2/11) and Op Apache with the 5th Marines.

    I'll assume you both have some great pics or literary artifacts from you times.

    Not meant to hi-jack....back to topic....carry on

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