Tailors for Dress Blues
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    Tailors for Dress Blues

    Hey Marines,
    Can I just go to any tailor to have Blues worked on, or do I have to find a military tailor?

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    I went through the PX tailor for tailoring and button hole. I had liberty cuffs put on in Japan. Not sure if it is still the same but issue blues came with regular brass. Getting a coat button holed ment getting the coat set up for anondized butons. Liberty cuffs look it up.

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    While 'any' tailor can do the work, if you find one that is used to working on Blues, you'll get a better product overall and less issues.

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    I would go to a military tailor with a good reputation who is off base.
    The 'on base' tailors can have a long wait. Especially this close to the Ball.

    Tailors who primarily do civilian clothing will be able to tailor the fit, but won't know about the button holes.

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