sister's wedding
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    sister's wedding

    Hi, I am obviously new here, just out of bootcamp and I have a question about SOI. I searched, but didn't find an answer. I have heard that you get weekends off and I have heard that you only get some off. My sister is having her wedding on what will be my 3rd Saturday in SOI and my question is how likely is it that I will have that weekend off? Or if I am not supposed to have it of can I get it off for the wedding? Thanks in adavance.

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    Depends if your at SOI-ITB or SOI-MCT.

    ITB gets all of the weekends off, MCT not very many.

    In ITB the first two weekends we were restricted to Geiger. The Third and Fourth were Cinderella liberty. Which means, you can go out in town but you had to be back the barracks at night. After that, its regular liberty where you have All of Saturday and had to be back on Sunday at 1600.

    I highly doubt your going to be able to attend her weeding.

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    Depends on you NCOIC, really, talk to him and explain the situation, tell him how far you will be from base ect! You never know until you ask, right?


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    Thanks ill give that a shot. The wedding is only about 20 or so miles from Camp Pendleton. Could that make a difference, cause I wouldn't need to fly or anything.

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    Well then, that should work. I thought you lived on the East Coast. My mistake, you need to ask a Marine who went to SOI-West.

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