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    flexibility brother!you are doing fine!

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    Hi Bill, so happy for you and your son about the homecoming. I am a mom too that just had to check the dad thread lol. I still remember standing in a Del Taco and getting a call that said Mom I am in Maine. Talk about relief. Just understand the ups and downs.

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    bill by now i hope all of your marines are home .enjoy thanksgiving and keep em safe.

    we all have a lot to be thankful for!

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    DP ~ Thank you. Yes, by now the 2/7 are ALL back. Resting comfortably with their wives, families, or snuggled-up in their comfy barracks rooms.

    We did go out for Homecoming. Boot Camp Grad is certainly full of emotions, but H/C is much more so.

    To see my wife get her 'hug' represented the end of a long anxiety-driven, pins-and-needles episode. Being a 1st-time deployment parents, we have learned a lot about what the 'big picture' is all about. Son is good-to-go, and can't wait to get home for 'block' leave.

    Thanks to all who have dropped in to this thread, and for your posts of support.

    Not the end, just the end of the beginning.......

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    bill im very happy for you and your wife.tell that son of yours he is one my many to see some pics

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    Keith ~ As requested. A couple of pics are up. Had to figure how to accomplish the feat. 29 Palms weather was fantastic while we were there over Thanksgiving. We met several folks from the other message board I frequent. One of Blake's buddy's parents couldn't make it, so we adopted him for the few days we were there. Adam is a great kid, slept his butt off mostly, lol.

    And, check this out..... We met one of Blake's boot camp DI's who was staying at Billeting also. Gunny was being transfered to another battalion there. You should have seen Blake's face when I shouted into his room to report front-and-center. Out he came, and there was Gunny waiting for him. Ooh-Rah!

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    Bill great pics 2/7 did a greatjob over there!you look pretty puffed up standing next to your marine as well you should be.

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    Have Marine Home!! Just got in from the drive back from DFW. Got his Z28 up 140 mph before I cautioned him about the convoy of trucks up ahead, ha-ha. He loves driving that car. Just after 2:00 AM, and he and little brother are headed out for a late night chow run. Oh well, was good to be with him for a few, ha-ha.

    Now, where did Mrs. Corpspapa hide my bottle of Beam???***

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    thats great bill my Marine comes home on tuesday cant wait.
    no where is my bottle of crown lol

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    Keith ~ Glad your Marine will also be home for Christmas. As I get older, Christmas turns from being up late puting together bicycles and toys to just wanting them home. One more son to go before we are empty-nesters. Man, I'm dreading that.

    I wouldn't think of polluting your Crown with anything, so here's a glass of nog-n-Beam. Cheers.

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    Apologies for the long absence, but where the Hell did the last 30 days go?

    Damn, I can remember picking him up at the airport. Then, the next thing I know, he's burning rubber down the street as he takes off for his first road-trip back to the Stumps.


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    Glad Your Back Bill!

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    Thanks, Keith. It was a whirlwind, I kid you not. Just now geting back to 'normal' living. A text message here, an e-mail there. Contact with my son is like skipping stones across a calm lake. He's safe at Home Station. And, I am happy. Happy as an ant in a sugar factory, lol.

    Now, I've got a question: Tauras .45, or Hi-Point .45?

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    What's wrong with Desert Eagle .45?

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