Marine Corps League/Toys 4 Tots *problem*
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    Marine Corps League/Toys 4 Tots *problem*

    Last night at the monthly MCL meeting, we had an intense debate regarding Toys 4 Tots. My league has members who seem to have their hand in every friggin organization in town, and thus, are very political. Here is the situation, I will try to make it short:

    For 5 years, my MCL has raised money for T4T. This year, a couple of our members made a motion to only give 50% of our T4T funds to them. This is due to the fact that they are personally p.o.'d about some incidents that took place regarding fundraising. (These men are also involved in a group called GoodFellows.) Apparently, they are mad because the MCL approached a big employer in town (Chrysler) and received donations, and THEN the active duty Marines went to Chrysler in their dress blues and collected even more money. These men are also mad because other organizations are trying to get donations for T4T also. They claim that T4T is OUR territory, and if people are going to get in our way, then screw Toys for Tots.

    I don't get this reasoning at all and it is causing a LOT of hate and discontent. I say "who cares where the money comes from, it's about the kids, not us or politics." I was told last night that I should "go to some of the meetings (apparently GoodFellows meetings) to see what is going on." I don't think that I have to get involved in another organization to make decisions regarding the MCL. These egotistical old farts are just upset because they seem to want all the recognition and glory. I would be more than pleased to make anonymous donations, I don't need my back patted every time I do something for charity but some of these guys always expect something in return. Case in point, last weekend was the Vietnam Veterans Reunion, and one of these old farts drove there and was mad because they wouldn't let him in for free. He told them "I raised over 2,000.00 for you guys and you can't let me in for free?" So he left. D***, the ticket price is only 7 bucks, and trust me, this guy has money flying out of his butt.

    It is things like this that makes me really mad. A SSgt from a nearby reserve base came to our meeting last night. He is the new T4T rep and he stood there and read directly from the SOP that any funds gathered, using the T4T logo, must be given to T4T, and if they are not it is basically embezzlement. Boy, you would have thought this SSgt murdered a kitten right in front of these SOB's. They tried to tear him a new a-hole and basically disrespected him, because they are upset, stating that years ago a "gentleman's agreement" was made between T4T and the MCL that we would split it 75-25 (and this year they wanted to vote to split it 50-50.) I was very upset at the way they treated this squared away, motivated SSgt, and I told them so, making tempers flare even more. This SSgt is just doing his job according to SOP. He doesn't care what has gone on in the past, he is going to do it the way it is supposed to be done.

    Now, these old farts are talking about not even raising funds for T4T next year, or just not using the T4T logo, so that we may use our funds as we see fit.

    Boy, I am so mad right now I can barely see straight. Any advice on how to handle these guys? Maybe I should just let it go, but I get worked up about stuff that I think is unjust.

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    There's always a few that want to do things their way. We always take a vote and the majority rules, end of problem.(except for the *****in)We have a local church group that has a program called Toys for Joy that helps underprivliged kids at Xmas time with toys and warm clothes. We always have a food stand to raise money and take donations of toys and money and give it to the church group for distribution. They buy new clothes, gloves, hats, underwear, etc. for the kids. We are a small community and keep it local and do not participate in the T4T. The Toys For Joy program has been doing this for many years, so we're just happy to help out. Hope you get it all worked out.

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    Toys For Tots has been around longer than most of us. I was on I&I Duty from 1956 thru 1959 and at the time as far as I know T4T was a Reserve function. We would collect all kinds of toys, new ones, old ones and many that were unserviceable. I really gave people a chance to clean out their garages.

    We went to schools and children would donate toys to us. We would get lists from the welfare people and then we would distribut the toys. It appears that T4T has really grown into big business these days. Used to be a really good thing, but, maybe it is getting out of control and everyone wants a piece of the pie. Thats a real shame as it was intended for the under privlaged children.

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    Wow! that whole thing is really sad. Some of those people need to take a step back and look inside their hearts, Regarding what T4T's is all about...It's really simple, every red cent donated, Entrusted that it would be going to Toy's for Tot's should go there..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotherGoose View Post
    Any advice on how to handle these guys?
    Methodically negotiations. Many oldies gleam within at he-man women haters clubs and enjoy taking young whipper snappers down a notch, who don't conform. Because grandaddydiditdatway' flexing flaccid muscles never felt so good.

    To make a buck i've had to grapple ideas and concepts with crusty ranchers and horsemen who would make the old Gothic farm couple appear as hipsters. But the oldies being creatures of habit, a steady consistent voice of reasonable proof often prevails.... but takes time.

    Maybe I should just let it go
    hehe yeah they'd like that


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    If your detachment raised funds fot t4t and do's not forward all of it you can be in big doodoo. New general in charge aint taken no chit from no one. Your det. definitely wind up in some big trouble!

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    I sent you a personal note. If they let that S/Sgt. know that they have not turned over 100% of funds raised to the T4T program. You are going to be audited by national! Your det. is in for a world of chit n it's gonna get deep. The Commandant of the Corps itself may even become involved. Forwarn the old farts they opened up a big can o worms!

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    I appreciate all of the advice, we DID turn over all the funds for T4T, that's what that SSgt from the reserve base was there to tell us. He stood there and read right out of the SOP re: any T4T funds must be turned over 100%, or BIG trouble will happen. Still, some resisted, and we actually had to make a motion to turn over 100% of the funds. It was ridiculous. Some of the older members don't like to follow SOP but there are enough of us younger folk there to help keep everything in check. I certainly would not do anything to bring discredit upon the Corps or the League. And I agree with CplKJSpevak, it is a sad situation, some don't have their heart in the right place.

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    Maybe the T4T program needs to forbid problem dets from participating. If they managed to keep some of the money and it got public. Well that would tarnish the whole thing and the media would love it.
    Maybe your det should politely ask the members that are trying to get you all in a heap of legal trouble to find a new det, don't come back.

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    This post makes me appreciate the Old Timers at my Det.( I'm probably one of the younger members)!

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    Justice was server'd.

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    I'm joining the local Marine Corps League next month. If I hear of any bull**** like that going on, I will end it myself if I have to.

    Every dime of T4T donations should go to T4T PERIOD!

    Another problem is if the civilian world gets wind of this, the Marine Corps will be tarnished beyond belief. Not to mention the whole T4T program will probably be done away with, cause no one will even donate to it anymore. Damn shame!

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    Sorry I did'nt realise how old this thread was, I read the first of the thread and got all fired up. I'm glad it got cleared up.


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    The detachment I belong to has been discussing T4T's.Our Local Marine Reserve unit just deployed to Afganistan.They had the manpower & handle this logistical problem,I think our detachment will take T4T's on with the help of a few other Detachments.This thread is old but the same problems exist.

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    Perhaps you should kick the question (without the incident report) up to National. Locally our detachment discussed fund raising and decided that the moral high road is best. So when we solicite on behalf of MHM or T4Ts, etc....only our expenses are deducted. Everything else goes to the charity.

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