Dear Vietnam Veterans:Love, America
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    Dear Vietnam Veterans:Love, America

    Check out "Dear Vietnam Veteran/Love, America" at this site;


    Written and produced by 2 Vietnam combat veterans.

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    It's what I would expect to hear from a "Brother" Namvet?? Now how about one from the douche bags who did everything they could to make us feel like we were the "Bad Guys"? I'm with "Montana",'bout 40 years too late!

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    Stuff It,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Would love to have heard that in 67 when I returned to Jane Fondas Calif but... I will say that when I arrived in New Orleans I was treated with honor and respect. God Bless The South!!!

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    What a crock of bull dung......

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    BS too little too late. stupid sob. Talk about stolen valor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRHD72 View Post
    BS too little too late. stupid sob. Talk about stolen valor.
    I need not comment on my fellow Marine Combat Veterans...for they too have their stories!!

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    Would have been nice to hear back then. Don't mean nothing now

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    To use a quote from the Nam......"IT DON'T MEAN NOTHING...DON'T MEAN A THING"


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