Question for Recruiters regarding diploma
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    Question for Recruiters regarding diploma

    I moved around alot during my teenager years which resulted in corrupted credits and I wasn't able to graduate. instead I immediately took my GED test so I would atleast have something to show.

    Well now that I want to join the Marines, they want 15 college credits which I dont have, I have just taken certificate programs.

    I came across a program offered online by a place called Continental Academy based out of Florida which offers High School Diplomas that take 3 months to acquire and $400. It is a legit company, they are accredited by SACS and CITA and are also registered with the State of Florida Department of Education.

    I called my recruiter two days ago and asked for him to look into this for me before I divulge $400 into a diploma that could possibly be looked at as useless by the Marines but he hasn't contacted me back today and they are already closed.

    Can someone please help me with this? I wanna get on a role and get enlisted as soon as possible. Thank you

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    Also, the reason I am trying to take this route is that it is 3 months quicker and about $2400 cheaper.

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    I am nor never was a this answer may not be up to current standards. A few weeks ago we had a young man in a similar boat and his certificate was not recognized by the Marine Corps as his school was also in Florida and was recognized by Florida but not the Marines.

    I know it is a chunk of money but the best advice is to obtain the credits through an accredited community college that the Marine Corps recognizes....I don't know but you may be eligible for some type of financial aid to help deter the cost....check with the registration office.

    I would steer clear of any on line classes unless you already have classes set up to do on line from colleges such as Campbell to name one.

    PM this SGT he was a recruiter for a few years and may be able to give you some advice. slimmy07

    Also do a search in the Poolee and Ask a Marine forums as there are numerous threads with a wealth of information!

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    I just did a google search of "continental academy USMC" and it came up with this site and the registered user "SladeReaper13"
    here is his profile

    It shows he went to Continental Academy but he hasn't been online since 2007 so I couldn't email him and ask.

    But I'll message that other guy and ask too.

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    Why don't you have a profile?

    Illegitimi Non Carborundum!!

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    I haven't had a chance to set anything up on here yet. I just signed up yesterday.

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    DO NOT use Continental Academy. It is considered a Tier 2 on-line school. Same as a GED. If you can not get in with your GED, then go and get the 15 college hours at 100 level or above. Once you have enrolled in college and start attending, you can enlist in the Marine Corps under the "M"

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    Wasn't finished. The "M" code for education allows you to enlist as long as you are currently enrolled and presently attending an adult ed or college, as long as you can graduate from there within 270 days. You can ship to Boot camp after you grad.

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    well damn, that would of been great of I could of taken that route.

    As odd as this sounds, I found a truck driving program at a local school that offers 12 credits and its a level 102 course. It takes 7 weeks to complete and only costs $700. I'd still have to spend a whole semester working on the other 3 credits though.

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    Most of these programs are considered GEDs and you must still get you 15 College credits.Before you waste any money and time for not,contact you're local recruiter and explain your situation.They can help you best.

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    sorry for bringing this back up, didn't want to create another thread but I came across something called CLEP testing... has anyone heard of it?

    Basically you goto a college and pay $100 per test for what you already know in whatever area of study you want to place out of and are awarded credits accordingly. Is this a legit way to acquire the 15 credits that I need?

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